Movie Review-The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson

Review-Today’s world is full of armchair football players. Armchair coaches. Armchair company presidents. Armchair Movie Directors and Distribution Companies. Every form of entertainment we know has to be judged by everyone. Some people are passionate and fair. Some people do not have a fucking clue as to what they want. Some people will even cut and paste someone else’s words just to have a voice. Everyone seems to have an opinion and wants to attack anyone who does not agree with it. If most of you entitled fucks were around in the 70’s, films like “ Jaws” and “ Star Wars” would not have the classic feel they have today. People would be whining that the shark did not come out enough. “ This is not scary, we all know a shark cannot kill people”, would be the main gripe of the smarter than you people. I am a movie geek. Most of my life has either been spent in a video store or a movie theater. Wild Eye Releasing has a passion for low budget films. They also have a passion for polarizing an audience. The polarizing effect is felt on their latest release, “ The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson”. There will be those like me, who find things in this film that keep them involved. This is a film that addresses the fear of a woman getting kidnapped, well abducted it is called in this film. We watch the art of obsession early as our young victim is being watched and we soon realize it is like she is the prey for this hunter. If your attention span is not good, you will easily dismiss the budget and the way this film was directed. Let me say this, if you are watching a low budget film and you are not expecting low budget. Maybe you should look to yourself as the problem.

Wrestling fans will appreciate the over the top hammy acting of Tommy Dreamer. If you followed his wrestling career you are used to his drama. I will also point out that this film does lack in logic. The pacing is problematic and the ending is a kick in the balls. The acting in this film is up and down. I felt the film did feel pieced together. This film does a good job at showcasing the fear and disgusting feel of a kidnapping. It does not glorifying or try to water down the impact. Which for this film was a brave move. Tommy Dreamer though, I know he is trying but he felt so out of place. He did provide a smirk for me because I am a long time wrestling fan. I feel people who are not into wrestling and witness his acting, may not be so open minded. The movie as a whole, I cannot completely hate on it. I feel if you know what you are getting yourself into, it could be a fun little film to pass time. If you are expecting a fucking “ Kiss the Girls” or “ Hostel”, you may want to rent those two films instead. The film has a ton of issues, but the film did for the most part keep me entertained.

7 out of 10