Movie Review-Sing – Special Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

Coming to Video this Tuesday the 21st

Review-I am trying so hard to figure out the Illumination Entertainment studio. I will be in the minority on this one, but I loved “ Minions”. I loved the pop culture references and the energy this film had. I feel that the characters had kids laughing but the references to every fad and statement of the last 40 years had adults laughing along. “ The Secret Life of Pets” had one major flaw, the funny parts of this film were all in the trailers. The trailers gave so much away and also were very misleading. What you assumed the film would be about and what you actually received were two different things. The film made 300 million plus before anyone noticed, so it was considered a win. Now comes “ Sing”. This one was also misleading if you were a fan of the trailers. This time though, that is not a negative. This film is basically an animated variety show full of animals who cover songs from today and yesteryear. This film has a charm to it, that by the end of the film will win you over. The film revolves around a Koala bear by the name of Buster Moon. He owns this place called the Moon Theatre. For the past 25 years he has been the proud owner of it. It seems that the theatre can barely stay intact and it is literally falling apart. He has not put on a show in over three years but with the help of a well meaning lizard assistant named Ms. Crawly, they decide to host a singing competition.

Problems arise early when they intend to give the winner a thousand dollars. Ms Crawley makes an error and the prize becomes 100,000. As you can assume, our protagonist has to lie and cover up the fact that he does not have that kind of money. This becomes very hard for him to do when he starts meeting the contestants, all of which have sad stories or looking for a way to become a better person. Sing features an amiable cast of characters with familiar voices, we have Matthew McConaughey and Seth MacFarlane who really soar with the material. The film has kangaroos singing the once popular Men Without Hats song, “ Safety Dance”. This film is better than “ Pets” and has so much humor and personality. I found myself really enjoying the dialogue along with the animation. Where Pixar has raised the bar on the content a film can carry and still be geared towards kids, I feel Illumination is getting there. The formula seems to be pretty pedestrian with results that make millions. I hope that this film is a sign that they should go forward into deeper topics and also explore more options. There is a difference between letting a kid grow with a film and dumbing it down with one. I feel “ Pets” and the “ Despicable Me” films want to keep kids being kids without ever thinking about adulthood and the upcoming road to teen years. I feel they should think about exploring how to create a film that could cater to all three levels of a child. “ Sing” is a step in that direction.

8.5 out of 10