Movie Review-Pig Pen (DVD)

Review-I have to start this review off, with a simple warning. Dire Wit Films and Jason Koch have serious mental issues that should be addressed. That being said, the pair have made two great films back to back. If you were a fan of 7th Day, you are more than likely going to enjoy this film as well. This film revolves around a young teen named Zack. His life is not the best. His mom seems to be a sad story, and when Wayne moves in, the story is only starting for sadness. Wayne has the role of violent entity in their lives. Zack witnesses his mom go thru some awful ordeals. Zack gets thrown out of the house and forced to come with some money or do not come. Wayne gives the advice on how Zack can get money. We watch as Zack goes into the world to try and fend for himself. The problem is that his mom is still in that hell with Wayne, and he wants to save her. This film is a horror film in the most realistic way. I feel the realism in this film, may turn off some viewers. This film is emotionally fueled and depressingly involving.

The downward spiral we watch the film take, is a shock that it worked so well. The fear with low budget films like this, is that the acting is not up to the script standards. This film uses some unknown or little known actors to give us a sense of adventure. We do not know what they are reading off a page or what demons they are exorcising from their lives to pull it off improvisational. This film is just so painfully honest with its subject. This film does not shy away or fall under cliche. This is the kind of film that Hollywood could never have the hole or balls to put out. Pig Pen is the film that the indie scene right now needs. We need something to take away all the fakeness we get in horror, and maybe sometimes create a horror film that people can relate to. Who will watch this film, I am not sure who is the right crowd to fully embrace it, but Dire Wit Films are such fucking geniuses in what they do, that they will find their crowd. If you want a film that will make a statement, this is that film. This film is intense and emotionally compelling. What a good film, that I can recommend.

8 out of 10

  • James DePaolo

    Thank you for your opinion…

  • Jean Richard

    to be honest there is not much to look or listen about in that movie.