Movie Review-Passengers [Blu-ray]

Review-” Passengers” is that holiday throw away movie starring popular people that will get people in the theater, till those popular people unleash their big blockbuster summer films. There is no denying that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are two of the hotter names in Hollywood right now. This film while not bad, just feels like it had no idea on what to do with both the story and characters. The film opens by telling us that this Starship Avalon we are on is on a 120-year voyage. They are going to a planet known as Homestead II. With 5 thousand people from Earth in tow, they are all in a hibernated induced nap. It is intended for them to stay asleep till they get close to Homestead. The issue happens when a malfunction happens with a mechanical engineer named Jim who is awaken after 30 years into this trip. Jim goes around very aimlessly, as he is scared and alone. His only source of a conversation piece is a humanoid bartender named Arthur. After a year or so, of making this spaceship home. He is coming to the realization that he will not be alive when this ship reaches the destination. So, he becomes infatuated with a writer named Aurora. She is asleep in her pod, but his obsession for her grows. So, he decides to tinker with her sleeping pod so that she can prematurely wake up. The two despite this creepy feel the story gives off, decide to become close.

The premise of the story is so odd. You are making a film that is geared towards adults, where you have a selfish man who is alone and decides to take the life of a female so he can have companionship? That is very hard to both buy into and also to find romance or feeling for. I understand that it is Chris Pratt and everything he does is charming to the females and some males, but this is an odd way to tell a story that you are trying to build a connection. The third act of this film is so out of left field. I did not hate it, I was just confused by how they threw away their basic concept and wanted to abandon all logic. I know people will say, “ well this film really had no logic anyway”. I am just saying that the pacing of this film is so problematic that I am wondering if this film had a hint on what it wanted to achieve as the film was being shot. It feels like three short films were stitched together to tell three different stories. The acting in this film was fair. The two leads tried very hard with the material they were given. I know right now, neither of them could do a wrong. If one idea flops for them, just put a number on the end of their next film, and they will gross a billion. Jennifer Lawrence has had a very odd career so far, but for the most part she does her best with what she has been given. Chris Pratt is going to be Indiana Jones one day, we all know it will happen. That being said, this film is fair. The science fiction aspect of this film is truly downplayed till the second half of the film. The story while problematic and asinine was at least watchable. I think this film needed more thought to be put into it. It is worth a rental for what it is, but keep your hopes low and expectations even lower.

7 out of 10