Movie Review-Ghost In The Shell: Movie [Blu-ray]

Review-” Ghost in the Shell” is a masterpiece. The story is rich and spectacular. The imagery is striking, haunting and jaw dropping atmospheric. Mamoru Oshii had no idea what he was opening up when he unleashed this film on the masses 21 years ago. The argument has been made as this is the “ greatest anime ever”. This cyberpunk attack even today feels like it is futuristic. The story shows us that humans can coexist with cyborgs. (They are half human we are told) This is the film that ushered the Japanese adult animation. That had the posters that were geared towards younger people, but the sex and violence that are clearly aimed at adults. The lead character in this film is named Motoko Kusanagi. She is a cyborg who runs an intelligence operation. Her unit is assigned to investigate an evil foreign threats who wants political asylum. The characters in this film can change shapes or become invisible. One of the neatest things in this film, is their third power, they can dive into the minds of others. I feel the story is a metaphor for life and being a human. This film seems to delve into the topic of being a human and what it takes. It also makes a mental picture of how much information we gather in our lifetimes.

This film is shot in more of a theatrical feel than anything else. You had to know that the feeling was to elevate anime to a new level. This film not only does that, but achieves it perfectly. The story is very complex but yet so easy to follow. The characters are captivating and keep things moving pretty freely. My issues with this film are all about the aftermath. I hated that this film did a lackluster sequel, and from what I can see a lackluster Hollywood version. This is clearly “ The Godfather” of anime. It has every aspect of what an anime fan would want from a movie like this. It is compelling and controversial, it is cutting edge and smart. I love the new case it is enclosed in. I own the other two versions of this film as well, as it is my wife’s favorite anime. If you are new to this genre, this film is worth checking out. Please be wary parents that this is not kiddie fare. This film should be on many critics best ten films ever lists. This film did for anime what ” Blair Witch” did for found footage. This film is so ahead of its time.

10 out of 10