Movie Review-For the Love of Spock (DVD)

Review-A quick story. When the Star Trek reboot came out, I went with my wife on opening night to see it. The film ended and I was blown away. I call my little brother on the phone, “ I just saw the new Star Trek movie and I loved it.” My brother quickly replied, “ When did you start liking Star Trek”? When it comes to being a trekkie, I did not grow up on “ Star Trek”. We were “ Star Wars” fans. I could not tell you one episode of the show. I have made it a point to buy all the movies both past and now. (FYI, the last Star Trek film sucked badly) I am a judge at 6 different festivals. One of my favorite fests is the science fiction one. Last year we got to watch 15 films, and the last one I did not get to see is the one I am reviewing now. “ For the Love of Spock” is a film I was worried would only relate to fans of the television show. I felt you had to be a die hard fan to watch this film and not be bored. I was seriously wrong. Two documentaries that focused on a certain human being in the last two years I could put in my best films ever list.

One was the Roger Ebert documentary that I have watched countless times and read his book twice. The second one is this film, it is such an amazing piece of art that does not just celebrate but it captures. Adam Nimoy wanted to make a film that was dedicated not only to his late dad but the character he played. Adam relied on kickstarter to get the funds for the film. You would expect knowing this that the film will come across cheap and amateurish. This film feels and looks like it cost millions to make. This film is part biography of Leonard Nimoy and part history of his Spock character. We learn that the Nimoy family was rocky at best until a few years before he died. To hear Adam and his sister talk about how estranged their father was to them is heartbreaking and sad. We learn about the efforts to try and repair it. This is clearly a must see for Trek fans, but it is also a compelling and jaw dropping film for people who love to see something full of heart and emotion.

9 out of 10