Movie Review-Drive-In Massacre (Blu Ray)

Review-The Spirit of 76 when the world was a different place. The film scene at the time just discovered its first “ summer movie” the year before and we were gearing towards “ Star Wars” the next year. At this time, drive-in cinemas were the rage. (I was only 7, but remember the one by my Aunt’s house always packed. So we sat on top of her roof and could watch the films from there) A film like “ Drive In Massacre” is a reminder of how easy things used to be. Today, the movie world is full of internet haters who think they are critics. Who are so entitled to an opinion that no matter what you give them, they are never happy. So, this film is for the true horror fans. The ones who can remember a time you did not run to type on a computer, you went to the local store afterwards wanting to tell your buddies about this film. This old school slasher offers very little in terms of character development or story.

After all, do we really see a slasher film for those? We see them for the kills, for the fun. This film offers both to a fair amount. This film does at time play like a cop show. We watch police try to make sense of a series of murders and figure out where this person could strike next. The story is easy to follow, and the emphasis is on the drive in cinema. The film is cheesy and at times is overly talkative. That being said, this film offers enough silliness and death, that I found myself really into the film for the most part. It does come across as dated , but that is to be expected it is only 41 years old. Let’s be fair, this film was not meant to be anything else than B movie goodness. The film does succeed in that department. I wish there was more killings, but you could tell this film was low budget, and we probably were lucky with what we did get. I feel this film set the stage for years to come and the vision of horror changing.

7 out of 10