Movie Review-Child Eater

Review-Do you believe in the boogeyman? Erlingur Thoroddsen is going to make sure you do, by the end of his very ambitious horror film. What started out as a short film turned into a very much talked about feature film. The creature in this film is on the fear of going blind. So, he rips out his victim’s eyeballs so that will not happen. The film centers on a very curious child named Lucas who goes missing and his babysitter has to go into the woods to go find him. The film is shot on a very nervous and intense pacing. The backstory and myth that we get feels realistic and not far fetched. The way this film is presented, it feels like there is an even bigger plan in mind. You get the feeling that this film is setting up for something. The kills in this film for a low budget movie are very groundbreaking and impressive. This film wants you to flinch. The film does fall into a familiar feel at times. You get the feeling this film is not trying to build the wheel, they just want to travel with it. The film does have a very impressive last act. The first act of the film has a slower build. I feel that some people may like the way it opens and gets us acquainted with the story. I found it, like going up the highest roller coaster. You are in the seat so anxious for the drop, and you are creeping and creeping closer to that edge with anticipation. I love the creature. I love the way he rips out the eyes of his victims. This premise starts out our film, when we see a little girl holding her eye. I feel this story is worthy of a watch, or a buy if you are a horror fan. It has enough to offer that you will not walk away disappointed.

7.5 out of 10