Movie Review-Bigfoot-The Movie (DVD)

Review-2017 is going to be a fun year for direct to video films. All the darlings of 2015 and 2016 festivals all seem to have a label and a release date. Hollywood, you should be worried. I have heard for over a year plus so much hype for this film called “ Bigfoot:The Movie”. Let’s be honest, a film about Bigfoot is a tough sell. People have seen so many positive and negative films about this legend. We even had “ found footage” films that put the Bigfoot myth in that done to death category. When, I heard Wild Eye Releasing was putting this film out, I knew then this had to be something special and not just some hype. I am here to say, Jared Show has made a film that while misleading at times, is downright hilarious and so worth a watch. The film follows some rednecks who team up with a exterminator to try and kill the Bigfoot who claimed their best friend. Just the premise alone is worth a smirk. The biggest positive to this experience is the enthusiasm the cast bring to this film. The story felt fresh and unique.

The chemistry the cast shared was the biggest part of that feeling. This film has some of the cheesy and silly one liners that you cannot help but laugh with. This film mixes some tense moments with a sense of humor you would expect from a skit on “Saturday Night Live”. This film at times does lose its focus and does humor more than concentrate on being a film about Bigfoot. The horror element of the film is not much, but the humor is constant. The final fight sequence is genius. The script and pacing of the film is good. This film is not in a hurry or rushing jokes at you at an insane ratio. The negative would be, I wish it had more horror in it. This film needed a better balance of horror to comedy. That being said, I can see why so many people bragged so hard about this film. Think about the last slew of horror comedies we have had, this film seems like the top of the class. I really hope we see more from Jared Show. No matter how you feel before this film starts, you will feel completely different after it is over. To sum up this whole review in a few words, ” see this movie right now”.

8.5 out of 10