Anime Review-Scrapped Princess: The Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-Everyone has talked up “ Scrapped Princess” to me. I am a huge fan of binge watching. In the last 4 months, I have binge watched over 60 shows. After “ Scrapped Princess” you can make that number 61. If there ever was an anime that embraced elements of “ The Matrix”, it would be this show. We meet a teenager named Pacifica. She is not the usual teenager, and her story is anything but normal. She was thrown off this cliff early in life by her family. She was adopted by some commoners. If you thought that was unusual, she also the “ Neo” of this world as she is prophesied to destroy the world. This story follows her and her family as they travel around and stop beings who are set to destroy her. I have to state this fact. I am not your usual anime fan. Even though, these reviews have put me in with 6 different groups and more people who are reading my work. (Thank you for all of that) This anime plays out like a long extended film. The message of this film is pretty mixed, and I will assume if a group of people watch it together, each one will get something else out of this then the other. The characters were very well done. They are both complex and compelling. Just as much detail went into the dialogue as went into the animation.

I felt the moment I started watching this series that I was engulfed in it. It consumed me. I was at the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen next. So many times, I was tempted to fast forward just to see if what I was feeling would happen, could happen. Which is not a negative, I am just impatient. This film does juggle around emotions. One minute you have the excitement of what is going on, then the next moment you have a sadness. It is very manipulative the way it pulls at your strings. I have to say that since I been doing anime reviews, this is clearly one I know I can go back and watch again. (Keep in mind, I do watch Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell as well) What really fascinated me about this story was that, you are never quite sure what direction this series is going towards, but it does not feel rushed or desperate. It feels like it is always intended to deliver that emotion and that scene. There is no moment that is wasted on this show. If I had a negative about this show I guess we can say it would be that there is not more anime shows that take this approach. It is easy to dumb down your audience, most films and anime do that. It is hard to speak directly to them and keep that voice going. This show maintains that from start to finish. This is a perfect show that I will be watching again very soon. I have to say that Funimation has hit a grand slam with this show. I know I am what 14 years late on it. Better late than never I guess.

10 out of 10