Anime Review-Danganronpa: The Complete Animated Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-I was asking for recommendations from people what anime I should watch next. The majority of people suggested something called “ Danganronpa” . I did not know the first thing about this when I asked the kind folks at Funimation to send me this to review. I can say this, after watching this series, I am really happy I got to experience this. This anime is centered around a group of high school students who are accepted into this exclusive high school naked Hopes Peak. Things begin to get odd when one of the students passes out and wakes up in his dorm room not knowing what happened or how he got there. (That is an experience most of us have been thru, I think) The guy goes to the gym where he sees the other students are waiting. The students soon find out from their principal that they are going to be playing a survival game like “ Battle Royale” or “ Hunger Games” . The kids are told that they have to kill one another with a catch, they cannot get caught doing the crimes. When a student is murdered, there is a trail and if the real murderer is found to be the guilty party than they face a punishment. If they are not caught and they are incorrect, then they are all punished and the real killer goes free.

This anime was very intense and paranoid. It leaves you guessing each episode who could have been the one to do it and what will happen if they are caught. The episodes are very quick paced, which left little room for depth and development. I would have loved this show to shine a light on the history more of this school, and a better explanation of the origins. The animation is very well done as it is intoxicating. This series has so much to like, I just wish they would have put more thought into it. That being said, I have to recommend this show for the simple fact that I binged watched it and wanted to keep on going once it ended. My wife did inform me that this is based off of a Playstation Vita game. My wife seems to think when she watched this with me, that it complemented the game. That it really fit in well with the game play. I can say that while this felt formulaic at times, it was vastly entertaining and kept me guessing. I know my wife will watch this again, I am pretty sure I can see myself watching it again as well in the future. I would say that this is a recommend if you are not familiar with this anime, to go seek it out.

8.5 out of 10