Wrestling Review-Timeline:The History of WWE 2007 Blue-As told by Swoggle

Review-When talking about WWE, I can promise you as a fan of the product there are two years that Vince McMahon would be fast to erase from history. 1994 and 2007. 1994, would be the year that the world thought Vince would be going to jail for the Steroid trial. Rumor had it at that time that Jerry Jarrett was called to be put in charge of the company just in case. Vince survived the trial. The second year would be not so fortunate for Vince and that is 2007. Sean Oliver sits down with Swoggle to discuss the issues that made 2007, such an up and down rollercoaster for the company. This 2 plus hour trip in the time machine is such a must watch for any wrestling fan. Swoggle does not hold back on what the atmosphere was during that time. The topics range from the emergence of Deuce and Domino to the death of Chris Benoit and his family. At this time the WWE also had a bad case of the injury bug and also the drug bug. This was the year that was very pivotal for them to build stars very fast. The injuries to Edge, Kennedy and Taker bit them hard. The drug suspensions of 11 stars on their roster was also a very challenging issue for them. Swoggle takes these topics and give us two ways of thinking. First, he is sporting the company and their best interests, but secondly he does lay blame where it should be. Swoggle was one of the better Youshoot guests in the last year and for good reason. Swoggle gets it. He is openly honest but also safe in how far he is willing to let his comments go. He does open up in a way for the Benoit deal that makes me think that we will never find out the truth to that issue. Swoggle also talks about the night Paul London got his major Vince heat. I am shocked after the last two outings we have had from Swoggle, that WWE blew a moment not to give him a live mic. This 2007 timeline is very detailed and open for debate with fans, who may feel that they knew what was really going on, as opposed to someone who witnessed and lived it.

Sean Oliver does get his digs in, not only on Swoggle but past guests as well. Sean is getting to see what the trend is. (That people on his cell phone play the role of man and then in front of the camera turns to bitch. ) With Swoggle, you get that the man is trying to keep the grass on his lawn cut so that WWE will ask him back, like Hawkins and Jinder. The issue is that, why are you feeling that way and agreeing on shoot interviews to give people scoops and dirt that are you not being entirely open about? When he was talking about the Khali title victory, you could tell that Swoggle was a “ yes man” during his time and that he did not kick his feet in the water to make waves. Where I know others have been very outspoken about wanting the title and deserving it more, Swoggle seemed content on any decision that WWE had. He was content on characters that were created just for shits and giggles. You have to be vocal backstage to save this product. You cannot be like a Kevin Dunn or Johnny Ace and agree, “ yes” to everything. It is like the segment that was on 205 live this week. It was blatantly an insult and racist. I would agree that this had to be Vince’s idea. “ We have a Japanese talent who is highly respected, let us make a joke out of him. Dean do you have an issue with booking this for your wrestler? Ok, then have Austin Aries blatantly attack him for not being American”. ? How many Japanese fans watched that segment and thought it was funny? How many Japanese wrestlers did not hold their heads down in shame? It was humiliating and this is the stuff that Swoggle would agree on. “ Oh boss, you can put another inch of your cock in my mouth, please”. That is what I got out of this shoot. Swoggle is highly entertaining, he talks in a scripted sort of way that his answers are safe and do not cause waves. Yet, we reveal that he was nothing more than a bitch to Vince. I would recommend this for the humor and storytelling. It was like a fucking laugh a minute riot Aesop Tale.

8 out of 10…