Music Review-Adna-” Closure”

1. Closure
2. Overthinking
3. Leave
4. Now
5. Thoughts
6. If
7. Soaked Eyes
8. Hide Me In Smoke
9. Someone’s Someone

Review-The latest record by Adna is a trip down emotional landscapes to a fragile beyond. The Swedish singer-songwriter is clearly someone who wants people to experience each word of her songs. You clearly get the picture of someone who did not come up with some catchy words to sell a cd. This is clearly someone who experienced peaks and valleys in her last few years to make it to record. The soundscape she creates on this album is so lush and dreamlike. You clearly can sit back with headphones and sway in the clouds as the winds gently blow at your soul. This album is introspective but yet careful, the record gives the listener a peak into discovery that makes you want to learn more. The songs focus on a need almost like the demolition that failed love could cause. Adna is so simple in her approach, but complex in her delivery. At times, this cd has such a nakedness to it. “ This is me, I just want to belong”. Other times, this cd has a boldness to it, “ I am going to travel this road a little longer, but if you want to hold my hand please join me”. If PJ Harvey and Feist had a baby, (I know that is impossible) this is the soul that would come from it. This woman is daring, but yet so vulnerable and emotional. The background music provides such a odd soundtrack to her approach. This album creates such a perfect atmosphere for a very lovely singer. Think of this as the cd Adele has been wanting to put out, if she was not so commercially inclined by a music exec. There is this part in “Leave”. Adna sings, “Sometimes I wish I was brave. I’ll be loving you forever”, it hits the heart so hard. You can feel the tears starting to form. This woman has a magic to her approach and delivery. She is something special.

9 out of 10