Movie Review-The Creature Below

Review-” The Creature Below” begins with Olive. Olive is this fearless diver and lover of all things aquatic. As the film opens we witness her on this exploration very far underwater. Everything seems be to going alright until she spots something peculiar underwater. Dr. Fletcher rescues her from under the water. The problem is when she went so far down, it seems that something that attacked her gave Olive something to take back with her. The object looks like some sort of eggish like deal. She hides this fact away from everyone. She is soon out of a job for a little bit. Olive decides to return back home with her fiance Matthew and her sister Ellie. She starts a lab in her basement to study this egg that she brought back up with her. The egg is very hard to classify and understand. She tries to feed it, but notices that this egg does not live on anything other than human blood. Olive soon becomes more absorbed with this egg. People around her start to worry. It is way too easy to classify this film as a monster movie. I feel if people really peeled back the layers would find out that it has so many other elements that keep it flowing very well. Despite the low budget, this film really shines in the acting and script department.

This is a film that on paper, should have failed. It is like the director and the crew, wanted to show people that passion can succeed over budget. This is clearly a film that is made for science fiction horror fans by science fiction horror fans. This film starts out with a bang, and then wants to help you learn about these people. When the story is laid out, this film has such an explosive nature to it. It really wants people to be polarized one way or the other. There will be those who will gripe and moan that the film needed this and that. There will be others like me, who were very satisfied with the finished product. This is the kind of film that created such a craze in the 50’s. This film is smart, very self assured and most of all it holds the viewer at the palm of its tentacle. I feel that this is a good weekend film with some buddies or a loved one. Shut off your phone, close all the lights and give this film a shot to really entertain you. The film does have pacing flaws and some scenes felt less effective, but this film was very daring, bold and escapism at its finest. Sadly, the water will never be safe in this lifetime thanks to films like “ Jaws”, “Orca”, “ Lake Placid” and now “ The Creature Below”. You should just go diving in the bathtub or hot tub at this point, it is the safer option.

8 out of 10