Movie Review-Tempus Tormentum

Review-James Rewucki is using a lot of drugs and has issues. If you watched his film “ Aegri Somnia” and felt it could not get any weirder, you have no clue as to what this insane man is about. The film centers on the “ stranger in a strange land” premise. The film opens with a drifter who is heading home. Exhaustion settles in and he just wants to get a room for the night and a bite to eat. He gets a cheap room for the night and decides to go seek out some food. Which is the mistake that sets off the events that are to come. During his burger, he goes to the bathroom and witnesses something that rattles him. He leaves the diner to just go back home to go to bed. Well, three masked men decide to drug him in his room and then adopt him as “ Mr. Mouse”. The three guys who are after him are named “ Clown”, “ Devil” and “ Slashmouth”. Mr. Mouse is not sure what they want from him, but the chase is on to catch the mouse. There are so many layers to this film that reek of “ Twilight Zone” and “ Night Gallery”. This film is a very unique take on the pursuit horror genre. This film breaks convention any chance it gets. Much like his past work, this film is not a part of a genre, it creates its own. This film has such a tension that it is hard not to get sucked in. This film also blurs several lines in reality and a atmosphere that we assume could be a nightmare or bad trip. This is David Lynch 2017, if he was heavily influenced by shrooms and vodka. I have heard rumblings that this film is thinking of playing the fest circuit. A note to any other film competing with it, you better have something very special to counter this insane orgasm of odd. If you think you have seen it all in film, you are not going to be prepared for this world you are about to be thrust into. I have to watch this fucked up film again.

9 out of 10