Movie Review-Psychomania(Blu Ray)

(Due to an issue I had with my Blu Ray. My special features were not able to play. Thus, this is a review of the blu ray of the film. Sorry for the inconvenience)

Review-As a horror fan, there is no way that we can catch every horror film. Sometimes, we have to make decisions. Do I want to see “ Final Destination 26” or “ It Follows”? “ Psychomania” is a film I heard about, but I rented on many occasions to never watch. I think me renting this film kept Hollywood Video in business for an additional year. When it comes to zombie films, I am on the fence. My first taste was watching a vhs of “ Dawn of the Dead” as a child. My father walked into the room and scream, “ what the hell are you kids watching”. I would have assumed my dad would have been more at ease if I was watching porn. For my little brother and me, “ Dawn of the Dead” started our fascination with zombie films. I can remember some of the zombie films of the early 70’s, where zombies were more serial killer than cannibal. They did not want to eat you, they just wanted to kill you.

I am not sure if this film is a nod to “ Easy Rider” in the fact that these zombies do not really rot but they just want to get on their cycles and commit murder. My first time watching this tonight, I have mixed feelings. I liked some of the film. I liked that this film was innovative. This is not your ordinary zombie film as it tries too hard to distinguish itself as different. The plot makes zero to no sense, that is if there is even a plot to this film. This film is as creative as it just plain bizarre. There is so many moments in this film that just utter drug induced. The film has a cruel sense of dark humor, which some people may not get. This film also has a very odd way it showcases its characters. There is nothing in this film we can truly call conventional. This film I liked, but at times this film just felt like it was dragging. It really lacked a depth that I felt would have gave this film an emotional bond with the viewer to invest towards. In the end, this was a fun little horror film that if you do not expect too much, you will be happy.

7 out of 10