Movie Review-Dead West (DVD)

Review-โ€ Dead Westโ€ tells the story about this smooth talking serial killer. The film opens with him standing at the bar of a honky tonk bar. A young woman approaches him for conversation. The woman is instantly turned on by him. She leaves her brother and friends behind to go out back with this stranger. Some heavy petting turns deadly, as he kills her for no apparent reason. The brother decides to go on the hunt for this killer as he is killing any young woman he seems to meet. There are elements of this film that I really enjoyed. The dialogue in this film is very good. There was a dark humor added to the script that made the characters seem very relatable. The atmosphere of this film is always in this dark mood. We really never know when this guy can snap. There is a tense scene in a gas station, where he pulls out a 100.00 to buy a little gas and drink. The back and forth between the cashier and him is both daring and very intense. This man we start to feel kills with zero care or zero reason. That is where my negatives will start out at. I wish we had a backstory early on this guy. We are just thrust into his world and we are having to swim above the waves to follow. The second issue are the kills in this film.

I get this is a low budget film, but the kills are unforgivable. A stabbing that you just see this little knife go into someone. If you are going down this route, you have to go down this route. You cannot tip toe. Some of the side characters, like the woman selling iced tea sort of proved more of a distraction than a focus. They were there for no apparent reason but to fill in spaces. The acting of the main lead was very well executed. He made you fear him. He was the calm before and the damage after the storm. I just felt that this film needed to be so much more than it was. This film has zero pacing. It is like everything was thrown together on one take and they just went with it. This film needed more structure. Better side plots. Most of all, this story needed better kills. I am not going to trash this film and say it was the worst film, because to be honest, it was not. This film was decent enough for a watch with very low expectations. I feel that this film tried very hard. There is enough in terms of a very well written serial killer that will keep your attention. A decent enough cat and mouse scenario that will keep your attention. That cover though is so misleading and insulting to this film. The advertising does this film zero favors.

7 out of 10

  • Daniel Jansson

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