Movie Review-Contract To Kill ( Blu Ray)

This Blu Ray will be released on February 28, 2017

Review-There is a part of me that gets excited when I hear a new Steven Seagal film is coming out. In the 80’s, I was such a fan of early Seagal films. He had this cool and calm demeanor. You could have 30 guys coming at him with every weapon known to man, he would be chilling out and just ready to wreck them all. Executive Decision, I feel was a turning point for Seagal. He went from an action hero to a parody of himself. I have watched every film just hoping that Seagal could really make a major comeback. If anyone needs saving out of “ made for home video” cheap films, it would be him. (Hopefully, with the upcoming Above the Law 2. We could see a comeback to major films.) Seagal plays a retired agent named John Harmon. The CIA decides to recall him for active duty. His assignment is to investigate the Arabs and possibly eliminate an Arab terrorist leader. His team consists of a drone pilot named Matthew and a FBI agent named Zara. While he is over there, he uncovers a terrorist plan from the Islamic to launch an attack on the United States. Harmon and his team are out to try and stop this attack. It seems though, the only plan of attack they have is to try and turn the Arabs and the Islamists on each other.

This film is not bad. It is fair. That being said, Seagal in the last few films has showcased that he is nowhere near what he once was. I know people will bring up that the man is old now and that I am expecting a role from 1989. The truth is, I would have liked this film if it was a thriller and had zero action sequences. The problem is the little action we do get, is not the best. Seagal is on camera, like he is trying to hide his flaws. I am not expecting him to jump in the Octagon and challenge for a title. I am expecting him to be smarter with the roles he chooses. The dialogue in this film is passable. It is not the best, but it is not the worst. I mean if you are going into this film expecting “ Raid Redemption”, than it is not the fault of this film that it is not going to deliver that. This film has some decent acting, the pacing though is all gone to hell. This film has issues with trying to figure out what it wants to be. This film is a popcorn film one minute and in the next minute it wants to give us a serious message and kill the mood. This film has such a high cheese factor, that at times you will smirk and roll your eyes over the absurdity. This film gave me mixed messages, thus this review is mixed feelings. This is one of the better Steven films in a long time. That being said, is that really a huge positive? That is like saying, water is only wet when you jump in. I am going to give this film a 7 out of 10 for the simple fact, it entertained me and was not boring at all. This film makes a perfect argument to take prescription drugs without the prescription.

7 out of 10