Metal Review: Kreator – Gods of Violence (2017)

Kreator - Gods of Violence

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What can you possibly say about a band like Kreator that has not already been said? The German thrash metal titans are thrash through and through. They are consistency defined. In a few ways, they are similar to bands like AC/DC where you know what you are getting, but they are far more diverse in their sound. You expect crushing guitar riffs, earth shattering drum lines and ear splitting vocals all at supersonic speed while introducing harmonious, melodic songs.

From the band’s early days to now, there are surely a ton of differences namely in the song structures and how much more mature Mille Petrozzae’s vocals have become. With a myriad of bands, everyone looks back to their early albums and mention how the band will never return to those glory days. With Kreator, the band seems to keep improving with age. With that being said, Enemy of God may never be topped.

The thrash veterans are back with Gods of Violence, a collection of eleven metal anthems sure to please old fans and new fans alike.

The album opens with “Apocalypticon,” a brief musical intro to ease the listen into the fury that is about to come. The album quickly leads into “World War Now,” a frenetic piece that shows the band’s musical skills at their finest. The guitar work throughout the open vocal track is exquisite to say the least.

“Satan is Real” is now an old track with how long ago the band released it, but the song is no less powerful now. The epic opening leads into pure thrash riffs and the tracks becomes one of the band’s more catchy tracks from a vocal perspective. The guitar solo end up becoming one of the best on the album if not simply because of the time shifts during this section.

Totalitarian Terror” seems like a song that the band could have written twenty years ago in both the title and musical style. It is yet another good track that displays the band’s skills.

The title track, “Gods of Violence,” is another melodic track that almost feels like a collection of some of the band’s best tricks thrown together into one track. “Army of Storms” opens with a bad-ass riff and closes with a crushing verse section.

“Hail to the Hordes” is one of the more anthemic songs of the album with its slower pace and epic feel. “Lion With Eagle Wings” has a fun little opening, but quickly turns into the band’s classic grooving thrash riffs. “Fallen Brother” is a opus with heavy as hell riffs and has quickly become more meaningful to me after the release of the “Fallen Brother” video paying homage to our departed music icons.

“Side by Side” opening with Mille’s shouts and shattering guitar riffs before speeding things up and taking the listener into a great thrash journey. The album closer, “Death Becomes My Light,” opens slowly yet again, but turns into one of the more grooving songs on the album with some of the best rhythm guitar work.

At the end of the day, Kreator is back, which in itself is newsworthy, but as expected, the German outfit is back screaming for vengeance and out to prove a fan to their metal hordes.