Blu Ray Review-Penny Dreadful: The Complete Series

Available this Tuesday on Blu Ray. I wanted to break this down by each season, in case you were a fan of season one and did not catch the next.

Review-Penny Dreadful is incredible, being that I am a fan of American Horror Story, Bates Motel and Walking Dead; I am always game for more horror television. Created by John Logan whose credits include the last Bond film Skyfall and many more films, has a knack for creating characters that really have so many dimensions to them and really grab the attention of even the most casual fan, and make them a die-hard. This could be seen as a comeback vehicle for John Hartnett and even Timothy Dalton who really are part of the foursome of monster hunters along with Ava Green and Harry Treadaway. This show is filmed in a London late 1800 are its setting. The show introduces us to Sir Malcom Murray played by Dalton who is an explorer who is desperately in search of his daughter, I will not go into spoilers on why she is missing or what happened, but this is the start of a show that we meet the other hunters like Vanessa who is somehow connected to Murray while battling her own personal demons. We get to meet Dr Frankenstein and is pretty faithful to the legacy of the character and finally we meet Ethan Chandler who is a gunman who has these insane sharpshooting skills. This show really feels authentic in how it puts you in this era and you feel like you belong, the cast really shine with the story and material they are given. This show also satisfies the gore hounds with the bloodshed and gore, they give it to you a lot and very realistic, where you know they had a big budget and wanted to make every penny count. I loved the vampires on this show and thought they really looked excellent. The first season felt short, but it really had me wanting a second season and so much more. As a whole this is by far the best show I have seen on television since Dexter in his earlier seasons, and maybe the second season of Walking Dead. This show is a must watch, and the more I talk about it, the more I will want to spoil the surprises so I will stop here and say buy this asap.

10 out of 10

Review-Penny Dreadful 2nd Season I was so worried about. The first season was just flat out incredible. I feel this show along with American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Bates Motel and Daredevil on Netflix are giving the movie theater a run for the money on putting out reasons to stay home and watch television more. The first season as great as it was, season 2 succeeded it in many ways. It gave us the same gothic rich atmosphere and stellar performances. This second season is different for the fact that it is more personal; they put a face on the evil that happens and in the scheme of things adds such a rich complexity to the story to make it more riveting and dramatic. The evil would come in the form of Helen McCrory who belongs to this satanic coven who is lusting to hang over Vanessa to the Price of Darkness himself. John Logan you can tell is still trying to get a full grasp on this creation of a show and figure out where to take it. You can compare this show to a mish mash of macabre figures out of the past trying to feel more modern. Season one brought it all together when Sir Malcolm was assembling a team to help him recover his daughter from demons. He enlists Vanessa who is a psychic and Ethan Chandler who is supposedly the best gunslinger.
We also meet a very youthful young Dr. Frankenstein. This season really takes the premise of last season and furthers it where we saw things that did not materialize or come to fruition the way we would want. I feel this season really had something to prove for fans like me who loved the first season so much. I love how it creates this uneasiness using simplicity and not overthinking. It really has a slow pacing, but as the season plays out this works more to the show’s favor. I know for me and my wife this is the best horror show on television, and I know people will take offense to that but I just love how it introduces us to characters and that you really have to pay attention more and let the story play out instead of jumping to conclusions. All in all, this season lived up to the first season and has me excited for the next season as well. If you are not familiar with this show, you really are missing out on something that is just flat out amazing and will make you a horror fan all over again.

Instead of the scale on this one, I will say if you are a horror fan and you are not watching this show, it is like saying you are a porn star but not having sex.

Review-” Penny Dreadful” was that show that I felt Showtime was not fully behind. I would assume that the show had to carry a heavy price tag. The sets alone, were very well done and screamed out “ too lavish for cable”. The big bomb came, just as the first episode of season three aired. That being, this was the final season. Like most fans, I was not surprised but I was interested, how they could tell this whole story to a conclusion in a satisfying way in one season. The end of last season, really painted a picture that we could be getting separate stories as the main characters were spread out. Malcolm has found himself in Africa to not only bury his friend but to find a new life and purpose. We have Ethan, who was shackled in chains and being sent to America to stand trial for crimes that were committed by his alter ego. The Creature has found comfort in the Arctic. Victor Frankenstein is suffering the loss of Lily to the lure of Dorian Gray. This season had so much to tell in such a short span. The shock for me is that they pulled it off so convincingly. This was such a risky gamble on paper, and they multiplied the number of stories and narratives. The strengths of this show has always been its willingness to challenge the audience.

To be brave enough in its vision that the fans will emphasize with the story and follow along. I know there is a lot of hate and a lot of passion about this show. My hate falls on the fact, that the network knew way ahead of time, they were cancelling this show. They waited to tell the audience and general public. I know this show carries a very expensive price tag, so I am now in utter shock that we are getting a one off movie deal out of it with all new actors. Could it work? Sure, anything can work. I am just upset, that we had a great television show that should have at least been held for a half of a season more to fully tell this story. I was not a fan of the final two episodes as I felt they went against the basic formula of this show. The opening episodes of this season were very well done and gave fans the hope that they are going to deliver a season to never forget. They did that, in both a good way at times and at others, a less than stellar. That being said, I am going to take a break soon from reviewing and go from first season to ending again on this show. This and Walking Dead I been so tempted to just watch them all again. This could be seen as an example of when corporate america decides to intervene on magic. Penny Dreadful was a great television show, that ended way too soon. Season three for all its ups and downs, it is Penny Dreadful, and that is the best thing to say about the legacy of this show.
8 out of 10