Wrestling Review-You Shoot: Mr Anderson

Review-Ken Anderson on the surface, seems to be a very likable person. If your definition of a shoot interview is to hear someone tell safe stories about wrestling life, this interview is up your alley. If you are looking for someone who is going to be very open and take shots on people, this interview may be one to overlook. “ This girl who will remain nameless”, or someone who seems to be hiding his true feelings in fear of someone hearing him, was what I got off listening to this shoot. I am not sure if we should even call this a shoot, this was a straightforward interview that you could tell he was holding back on certain elements. When asked a question of how he assumes are the most dangerous workers he ever stepped in the ring with. Anderson seems to be taking a long time to think about it, and then says, “ the guys on the indies”. Now, Randy Orton had the same question to answer and he was fast to say, “ Mark Henry, Ken Kennedy and etc”. There was a question I wanted Sean to ask that they did not have time for, but I feel sums up Anderson to a tee. “ Do you have any delusions that WWE will hire you back”. Even with his time in TNA, Ken was ducking the hard questions, in favors of bad jokes. Now, he does throw some light on Cena, Orton and even HBK, but the thing is the attacks he does on them, it is like he is admitting the issue was his fault. You have to realize that Sean does not know how these will go down, but I doubt Ken told him on the phone, “ I will do this but I am not going to bury anyone”.

Sean probably saw the video where Anderson made an attack on TNA on a live show and thought, “ I bet this dude has a lot to get off his chest”. The sad reality, I bet Ken was down on the phone call and clammed up when he saw the questions. Like for example, “What are some of your most fun road stories”. We get a long pause, and he does not even say much. He constantly looks away, almost like he is trying to tell us, he is not going to speak on it. He was secretive about his fave places to eat on the road. This interview came off as Ken wanting to get a payday. At least with Swoggle, the man did have the nuts to call people, “ dicks”. Ken says he is trying to teach his students (at his wrestling school) how not to drag names in the dirt. Then, why in the fuck are you doing a shoot interview? Why not go beg ESPN to listen to your shit? Most of his answers were like cliff notes more than anything else. Now, one of the questions I did ask that Sean seemed to fumble on. “ When you took the Jeff Hardy shot to the head, was that the reason they put the belt on you”. Vince Russo has been public as to say, Ken bitched and moaned about the head shot he took, and they gave him the title to shut him up. He would not even talk about that. Believe it or not, ICP has the best You Shoot on the market right now. The one I thought would be horrible, those two went in and understood the concept and took on the haters. They dished more than they should have. They did not shy away. Ken is under the understanding that the man who called him, “ reckless” and “ dangerous” in certain interviews is coming to his senses and asking Vince to hire him back. TNA talent have said, they want no part of Ken back in the company. They are all so fast to go on record, but Ken is the one who wants to take the high road. Good for you, Ken. Take the high road on a “ shoot interview”. What next, a cameo speaking part in a porno? If you want to hear long winded stories of Ken, this is for you. If you want to hear a real shoot interview, go get the Cornette stuff, the Russo stuff, the New Jack stuff, the ICP stuff and even Swoggle to an extent. This is not a “ shoot interview” , this is just someone wanting to make a quick buck, the safest way possible.