Movie Review-The Crooked Man (DVD)

Review-The biggest horror to some fans can be traced to when we get a SYFY original on television. SYSY has taken their share of shots thru the years for their programming. It seems that if the television shows were not enough, the original films really put the fans of any genre over the edge. The old adage of, “ any press is good press”, may not apply here. This being said, if people could get over that stigma and enter this film fairly, they may be entertained. The film opens with a bunch of young girls. One of the girls is singing this song and out of the blue this “ Crooked Man” appears and kills one of them. If they were Connecticut voters, they may have stood a chance. (It seems everyone is always seeks validation in that state) Fast forward 6 years, we meet Olivia. She was the one with the singing in the start. She is also the one who witnessed this murder. As fate would have it, she returns to town to visit her single dad. She learns that she is not only accused of the murder but she is disliked in her town. As she returns, so do the unexplained deaths. The victims are basically the people who were associated with that house 6 years ago.

This film had a good little jump scare here and there, to keep the viewer engaged. The story while heavily flawed and cliched, at least was enough to keep the tension and story moving forward. The acting in this film was above average for what they were given. The kills were safe to decent. Where this film has a struggle is the way the pacing is so off. It seems that the film just goes fast to slow so often, that it feels uneven in delivery. I love a horror film that can keep me guessing as a viewer, this film is obvious. You are left with zero to think about. This film proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, and that is fair enough. I just wish this film would have thought outside of the proverbial box and not felt so cliched. While a little familiarity is not bad, this film takes a little and keeps adding. You cannot rewrite the bible unless you are clearly thinking of ways to change the perception people would have of the story. This film wants to change the wheel, while still giving people the same old ride. The ambition is there, and kudos for wanting to step outside of the bland SYFY realm with something that tries. If you want a fun little throwaway horror film, I would say this is well worth a peek. It has enough scare induced jumps and some decent acting to separate it from the other crap SYFY has pushed on us.

7 out of 10