Movie Review-Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania (DVD)

Review-I was a fan of the first “ Surf’s Up” film. Did we need a sequel? It depends on who you ask, I would assume. This time around, the WWE is involved with the film. Vince McMahon, who as people know is the CEO of WWE entertainment, has always envisioned himself and the wrestling business as more “ Hollywood” than “ sport”. Since, the tearing of the shirt and the saying of the prayers in the 80’s, Vince has been trying to get his foot in the Hollywood scene, any way he can. For people to blast WWE for all these kid films and television shows they pump out, you must not have been a fan for long. Vince has always tried to appeal to that demographic. This film, is nowhere near as hokey and laughable as the Scooby Doo stuff they did. In fact, if you are a fan of the first film, I can see you clearly having fun with this film. This film takes place after the events of the first film. We have Cody and Lani who are now settled down on their island. The life is now about teaching surfing to the local children. Chicken Joe has returned, and he is on cloud 9, since he won the contest in the first film. Cody is the complete opposite. Cody inside knows he should have won, but he saved Joe’s life and helped him. Enter the famous surfing crew known as “ The Hang Five”.

They visit the island, and are looking for a new team member, as one of their own is about to retire. So, Cody, Lani, Chicken Joe and Tank are up for this challenge and ready to face the biggest waves in the world on this island that the Five are going to. Once on the island, the film has a very strong message about teamwork and believing in each other. This film is fun for what it is. I am shocked that after the financial success and even the Oscar nomination the first film had, that the studio would go this route with a sequel. I would assume, they see the bigger picture of having this film selling units with the WWE ads. I feel the WWE stars had a blast making this film, and you can clearly tell. Is the film perfect? No, what film is perfect these days when the internet is clearly ripping apart everything. That being said, this film is fun and has a youthful approach that would have kids and parents engaged. The negative is that we are so over-saturated with WWE product these days. There is just too much. I subscribe to three wrestling channels. WWE is the one, that I think about dropping daily, but I know the PPV’s are the only reason I keep it. That is the only negative in an otherwise very fun cartoon that young and old will enjoy together.

8 out of 10