Movie Review-Sad Vacation: The Last Days Of Sid And Nancy (DVD)

Review-When you hear people talk about the history of punk rock music, there are three bands who are frequently mentioned. They are The Clash, The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. In the 40 plus years of Punk Rock music, if those three bands did not emerge from the underground, there would never have been a scene. While the punk rock movement was basically waging a war against the establishment, and the fans were becoming more violent in their appreciation of the music, it seems a tragic love story was always the reminder of that time more than the music. I was a high school senior going out with this girl in my class to see Sid and Nancy. Gary Oldman played Sid Vicious and Chloe Webb played Nancy Spungen. The film was poetic but yet tragic, though it seemed to glamorize the scene more than understand it. Where band members Steve Jones and Johnny Rotten were venomously against this film. Will we ever know what happened during the 19 months that Nancy and Sid dated? Will we truly ever know what happened at the Chelsea that fateful night? It seems that fate brought them together, more than a love. Nancy was stealing from her family and dealing in drugs. Sid was someone that punk could identify with. His legacy was more about his image and his ending, more than his contributions. He was open about not knowing much about bass playing. His bass playing was basically non existent in their record. He did though sing on three songs. I have to admit, one of the songs “ Somethin’ Else”, while it was a cover to the classic Eddie Cochran song, was one of my fave songs. (Though, the song was released shortly after Vicious died.)

I have to admit if Danny Garcia did not direct this film, I would not have watched it. Danny has such a passion and love for the old school rock and punk era. He did an incredible job on his Johnny Thunders documentary “ Looking for Johnny”, and he did a great job on “ The Rise and Fall of The Clash”. His attention to detail and being thorough is what sells me on his work. He has collected several interviews with anyone and everyone around the couple at that time. This film has such a tenderness to it, that you can feel the passion and heart of it. The film opens at the Chelsea Hotel in front of a locked Room 100. This was the room that Nancy Spungen would find her fate at. This film does not paint Sid as the rebel or anti-establishment person, it paints him as a young man who was confused and did not have a clue on how deep the waters were, that he was jumping into. Nancy is also shown in her true light. This film does not glamorize her lifestyle, it shows how desperate and sad it truly was. You just feel watching this film, that these two would meet for the sure experience of wanting to end their lives more than begin them. A few years ago, we had “ Sid and Nancy”, finally come out on blu ray. This would be the perfect companion piece to go with that film. This film is brutally as honest as it can be, and at times, you feel like you are watching the life of two people just crumble. In terms of music documentaries, this is one of the better ones out there and is a very must see event. If I got to review this film three weeks earlier, this would have been in my top 5.

10 out of 10