Movie Review-Bubba the Redneck Werewolf


Review-Today’s lesson in life is “ be careful what you wish for”. How many of us ever wanted to be better than we are? How many of us wanted a second shot with our ex? Welcome to the film Bubba The Redneck Werewolf. Bubba Blanche is a good ole boy, a small town backwoods redneck whose life revolves around drinking cheap beer, and worrying about things like his hair loss and his ex. Bubba is one of those guys like Tucker and Dale who mean well, but times have got him down because of his Bobby Jo with another guy. When Bobby Jo’s current boyfriend feels that Bubba is paying too much attention to her, he goes outside and punches him in the face. Bobby Jo wants Bubba so badly to stand up for her and to him, but Bubba does not like violence. After this incident is over, Bubba is left with what little pride he has left and says the wrong thing at the absolute wrong time. Sure enough, here comes Satan himself to make Bubba a deal to win back his love and be a hero to his town. Satan turns him into a werewolf, but the cost of this is his soul. As soon as that deal goes down, Satan looks around the area and sees more souls that he can win over for granting their wishes as well. Soon, Satan has taken over the whole town and it is up to Bubba to stop drinking and trying to win over his love to fight for his town.

Let’s start out with the positives about this film, it is very low budget. I feel that gave the director so much freedom to be creative and really have fun. If there is nothing else you get out of this film, fun would be the one thing you will leave with. This film constantly winks at the screen, as most of the jokes and situations in this film are so odd but yet very tongue firmly in cheek. The second positive was the script by Stephen Biro. ( Yes, that Stephen Biro) The humor in this film for the most part is hit or miss. Not all comedies will hit every joke perfect, especially in low budget fare. Some of the situations in this film were so goofy that you wonder why no one thought of that before now. Like a scene which I will not spoil that involves a group of zombies. I will be honest some in this film are just batshit insane. Like the nun who is getting pleasured by Satan. The fact that Satan is walking around the town and no one thinks anything different, they act like he is a local at times. People will assume because there is a werewolf in the film that it is going to be like Wolfcop. I felt the humor in this film reminded me of a Tucker and Dale, and a reference to Beverly Hills Cop thrown in.

The negatives to this film, some of the jokes are misses. One in particular that went a little bit too long involving Bubba and the person he was looking for in trying to find the devil. You know this film is going to have that battle of good vs evil, I just felt the idea was there, I just wanted a little bit more out of the final battle. Though some of the dark humor of that scene really helped me like what they did give me. The biggest shock to me, I thought going into this film that they would throw profanity or nudity to make the humor work. In reality, this film could get a PG 13 rating and it did not hurt the material one bit. This film did not have to go overboard to get its humor across, or throw a ton of nudity trying to hide its shortcomings. This film has flaws, but this film is also very fun. There were several times watching this film that I felt the dark humor was just so odd that I laughed and questioned my own sanity. Another positive is that they used a bunch of unknown actors and actresses. It really gave the film a more personal feel. In 2016, where everyone will convince you that “bigger is better” or “ Hollywood is the ticket”. I am here to say, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf shows you that smaller films can deliver just as much and do it more smarter than the done to death formula that the multiplex gives you.

8 out of 10