DVD Review-The IT Crowd: The Internet Is Coming

Review-The IT Crowd focuses on two nerds. One who is a very snobby like person and the other who is a awkward socially lacking person. The show is a lot like the British television comedies you get these days. The humor on the show is weird and just simple comedy that is met with a weird outlook or scenario. Jen is hired by an odd CEO whom she tells, she knows a ton about computers. He sends her down to the IT department where the non cool people hang out. This filthy basement with nerds and she meets a slob named Roy and a mess named Moss. The premise of the show is that these three keep the company afloat each episode and no one really appreciates what they do. The humor on the show is hit and miss. Depending on what you feel about a computer based comedy. Considering that my wife runs I.T. for a few hospitals, she got the humor better than someone like me. Who just basically spends all the money that she brings in. The acting on the show is very well executed. The humor is quirky at times, and just plays off an innocence that works. The situations weekly are comical in their own right. This is a show that really divides the audience in terms of what you think could work for a comedy show. My wife would give this show a ten out of ten, and can quote you lines from it with ease. Me, watching it for my first time. I laughed at some things and other times I was trying to figure out what the joke truly was. I would not say I hate this show. I love Big Bang Theory and feel this show shares some similarities with that show. I will say, this show was fun for what it was. I loved the writing for the most part and felt a smart comedy could work in this sort of premise. The film was clever at times and does not go overboard with satire. I would say maybe low B for me. “The Internet is Coming” is basically just a double-length episode of the series. If you are a fan of the television show, this is a must as well.

8 out of 10