Anime Review-Attack on Titan: Complete Season One (Blu Ray)

Review-Before I start this review. Thank you to the Anime groups who have emailed positive feedback. (I have yet to get negative, so I may be doing something right). I read all the ping-backs we get. The Anime reviews are the most ping backed ( I hope that is a word, if not my apologies) items. When I first started this Anime journey, I did not think it would catch on. Funimation Studios have been so super supportive at my lack of knowledge on product, and what my taste could be. With most journeys we make in life, we come to that one place that feels like it had to be a fate that brought us there. Which is the perfect start to get in my review for the first season of “ Attack on Titan”. This first part will not be popular but parents be warned, if your kid is under the age of 15, this is a little violent. Not a Hard R violent, but maybe a very strong PG 15 violent. Titans are these man-eating giants that humans hide from. The humans think their massive walls will protect them from the giants. After feeling safe for too long, the giants find a way to smash through their safeties. The titans unleash a fury of giants and violence to all the humans. Enter Eren Jaeger. He is out to stop the titans, after he watches the titans kill his mom. Eren enlists the help of some of his friends and they are out to stop the giants. Titan gets so much right, just from the opening minutes. It drops us unsuspectingly into this peaceful place that you feel will change on the drop of a dime. The walled city sort of reminded me of what they tried to do with “ Walking Dead”.

With time comes advancement, and eventually all that is safe will be tested. A giant skinless titan one day just whacks a hole into their safety wall. Thru this hole, all types of smaller titans make way into the humans to get their food source. We have the strong female character in Mikasa who is the adopted sister who is out to help Eren and also becomes like a protector to him as well. When I finished season one, I felt I was left with more questions going out then going in. The chaos and fun this show produces is contagious to the viewer. I will admit, towards the middle of the first season it did feel a tad bit formulaic. I will also add, that sometimes a little familiarity is not bad. I felt that this show is really testing the boundaries of asking people to suspend their disbelief. Before I get any flack or hate mail, I understand this is anime, but most anime does have a realism to it that we can relate towards. This one sadly enough, does not. That being said, this is violent and very intense. The tone of the show enough is worth a watch. The negatives to the side, I love the concept of this anime. I love the aspect of a world that is turned upside down. I am not a fan of the standard of we know who is who in the story so early on. I feel that this show could have stretched things out to create a depth to it. You know most of the fight sequences who will win and lose, not so much from spoilers on the fight but spoilers on the way they laid out the story. Anime fans, do I think you would enjoy this? If you want to put an emphasis on violence and the beauty of the animation, it is very impressive. If you want an emphasis on story and depth, it has issues and will leave you with questions in the end. It had enough to make it above average. It had enough to give the viewer the urge to go back towards it.

8 out of 10