Movie Review-Wolf House (DVD)

Review-” Wolf House” is a found footage film that was filmed in Hartland, New York. According to the Hartland Herald, there is something going on that people are baffled about. Why is there a house that has been abandoned for three years that even the locals do not want to get around? This house is deemed the “ wolf house”, and for the next 68 minutes we are going to witness, an incident caught on camera that will explain the disappearance of six people. We learn that the bodies of Rebekkah and Alan were found. The other four is left to mystery. The film opens with a male figure telling us the legend of the house, and building us up for the next hour. The footage we begin to watch lead us as film-goers to assume that it may have been more than a wolf that did this to them. Like most found footage films, the opening minutes give us some character details. We learn about the six people, as we watch this being filmed off a home video camera. The film takes an interesting turn, when the group see a large animal they believe to be dead. The group insist they have a dead bigfoot or special animal that they feel could bring them money. So, they tie it to the top of the roof and take it back home with them. Once, they get to the house, they leave the dead animal in the basement. Upstairs, they are trying to figure out what to do with this find. The problem is, the find they have, comes to life.

When the monster comes to life, is when this film really showcases what makes it special. The first half of the film does a very nice job of setting up what the second half will deliver. The acting in this film was good. At this point, why knock a found footage film that has a ton of dialogue. It is to be expected. Where I felt, Blair Witch failed at, this film does succeed at. It makes us believe that this could be happening. The selling in this film really comes across as genuine and not acting. When you get to see the monster, it does not let down. It is used very smartly and efficiently. Though, the film also opens up the possibility of what is truly stalking them. The atmosphere in the second half is really creepy and very well done. The question is simple, did we need another found footage film? In the case of this film, I say yes. When found footage is done right, it works and makes you forget about the other 800 films we get a year. I really hope the other 800, take some notes from this film on how to be effective and deliver on its premise. This film is not perfect, but what film is these days. This film is fun and will keep you invested to the end. After all, that is why we watch a film for.

8 out of 10