Movie Review-Don’t Fuck in the Woods


Review-” Don’t Fuck in the Woods” is a creature feature that also channels the 80’s slasher as well. The film opens with two people in the woods. One thing leads to another, and they have sex. Well, they did not heed the warning of the title of this film. A creature comes to their tent to fuck their shit up. The story moves forward when we meet a bunch of people who are embarking on a camping trip in the “ Do Not Fuck Woods”. Most of the people on this trip are out to get laid and drug it up. Alex though is hoping to find the couple from the early moments of the film. If you are into low budget horror. This film is a fun little time. The acting in the film is decent. You have a film with such an absurd title, yet the film makes some valid points during. There is a discussion in a video store that involves who should be called a “ scream queen”. It clearly shows where the modern horror mind is clearly at these days. There is plenty of nudity to keep the perverted horror fans smiling. The humor in this film is hit and miss. This film clearly wanted to try and divide the horror fans.

There will be fans who will dig the kills in this film. Others who will attack the budget of the film. I found the kills in the film fitting for what this film wanted to accomplish. I feel with the title of this film that expectations on courting controversy will be high. The truth is, this is your average slasher film with a monster in the woods. The negatives for me, this film needed more personality. I felt the actors really never seemed comfortable in their roles. In terms of slasher films, this film has a ton of heart. You really get a fun horror film. In terms of the title and what this film offers. The film delivers for the most part on what it promises. If you watched this in a theater with other horror fans, you would have fun. This is a beer bash party film. If you are a fan of what the “ video store boom” kicked out on a weekly basis. This film could be for you. You really get that the director loves his horror and has a vision for what he wants. The film is not perfect, but the film is better than most of the shit on the market right now.

8 out of 10

  • Chad

    Does anyone know where they filmed this?