Blu Ray Review-Into the Badlands Season One


Review-Who would have thought in 2009. That AMC would become this powerhouse of a network? The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Preacher, Saul, Talking Dead, Comic Book Men, and Into the Badlands for starters have people talking. Into The Badlands is a different kind of show. I am actually shocked that the network would take this gamble. You have a martial arts show starring Danny Wu. That is a tough sell. I mean UFC is very popular, American Ninja Warrior also is very popular. Those shows are a different take on what this show offers. You have a martial arts themed show, that have fights that are well choreographed. The hand to hand combat scenes are very breathtaking. The sword to sword combat as well, delivers on what this show promised. When this show centers on action, it really delivers something worth bragging about. It is a sheer spectacle of insanity and physically impressive action. That is where the issue of this series lies for me. This show lacks a story to really grasp into. It is stylized like a music video. The depth it achieves with the characters is one of the cracks that this show displays. As this season rolled on, it did feel a bit bloated and overstaying its welcome. The central character of this show is Sunny, He is armed with a sword and gadgets that would make Bond envious. He carries out all these acts of violence called from his master Quinn. We really never get to know too much about Quinn and why he is so blood lustful and wants to continue. We meet a young kid named M.K that Sunny develops a relationship with. The relationship is never fully expressed, we get moments and some things thrown in.

This show never really reaches the full potential. As we want to learn more about our characters, they throw us some eye candy in terms of violence to keep us occupied. The story on this show, I do not feel they can go further on this path. They have to get some depth for the characters going. They have to really give us more than an action fury. They need to slow it down and get a story established and keep it flowing. I would have loved more underlining drama between master and Sunny. I feel they are wanting to tell a story, but cannot figure how to put it across for the viewer. In terms of action, this show delivers on a solid scale. Though, the action seems to burn you out as the show keeps going. This show is a good example of what a great concept can be if fully realized. This show needs to be fully realized. This show has so many parts in place and pieces moving forward. It needs faith in its direction. The show is fine at moments, frustrating at others. I would say, to watch this first season for the simple fact. It is trying to entertain. It is just needing to mature and grow a little more.

7 out of 10

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