Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of ECW 1992-1993 as told by Tod Gordon


Review-Let’s be honest. As wrestling fans, we can all admit there is just too much product out there. Demanding the most of your wrestling time, seems to be Vince McMahon and his brand of “entertainment”. With the popularity of the “ shoot interview”, now we even see the WWE network use that into their programing. The one thing a wrestling company has not tried yet, that Kayfabe Commentaries seems to excel at is a Timeline. Where they take a popular person to tell us about what was going on at a certain period in a company history. The sad reality is that the ECW brand has been timelined from every year, except for two. The two years that it started, 1992 thru 1993. When i first heard they were going to get someone special to complete the history, who better than the man who put up the money to start it. This is the timeline that every wrestling purist and fan have been waiting for. Tod Gordon does not pull any punches nor do he shy away from a controversy. Not only does he talk about the beginnings of the company, but Sean Oliver also probes into some rumors like the infamous “ mole” storyline. The beauty of this timeline was that it was shot inside the old “ ECW arena”. You can tell when Sean and Tod walk around the old arena, that it gets to Tod. In this timeline, we go over the opening of the doors, how it went from TWA wrestling to ECW. We also get the dirt about the hiring of Joey Styles, Paul Heyman, Shane Douglas and every other ECW original.

In addition, Tod shows his sense of humor as he tells us some funny Sandman stories. One of the funniest and odd stories that Tod shares involves someone having sex with Missy Hyatt in a bathroom when Tod heard her head hitting the sink. We also get a little history on when Eddie Gilbert had the book and his obsession with Sunny. We also learn about Tommy Dreamer’s debut and the inspiration of the cane match that happened. You can tell Tod is so passionate about talking about his baby. The man is constantly open to discussing the good, the bad and the ugly. You also get to learn first hand about running a wrestling show on a very tight budget. Tod tells us stories about how he could get Snuka, Don Murraco, Davey Boy Smith and others to work for him. This interview makes me want Tod to cover all the years of ECW till he sold it in 1997. Where I think some of the wrestlers were open about certain things, Tod seems to be open about everything. I hate that this series had to end, but what a fitting way to do it. Tod may be God, but if it was not for that man, pro wrestling fans today may not have a product to be tuning into. Where Heyman takes all the bows and accepts all the praise. Tod watching this timeline, deserves just as much credit. With ECW gone, maybe we can get Tod to do a timeline on 3PW? That is a joke, but Tod just made wrestling fun and fresh again, with one of the best Timelines to date. I will put this on my Mt Rushmore of Timelines. You had Bischoff, you have Russo and you have Gordon. Maybe Jeff Jarrett when he does the Timeline on TNA Wrestling in the early years, can join them? If you are a fan of ECW, this is a must own. If you are not a fan, give this a watch, you may become one.

10 out of 10