Wrestling Review-Guest Booker-Kevin Nash (The Outsiders Stay Inside)


Review-Are you curious, how would Kevin Nash have booked WWE if Scott Hall and himself never went to WCW? Think about that for a second….” how would he have booked all his buddies”. I think you will know the gist of his booking in this latest installment of the series. Like most of the guests in this series, the first hour is spent detailing historic events for this person. Sean Oliver hits Kevin with some fair questions about WWE, WCW and even TNA. The questions are nothing new or groundbreaking, but Nash does tell his usual long winded stories to keep them moving fairly easily. I feel, Kevin Nash could tell more tales than Aesop at this point. No one can deny the impact The Outsiders had when they debuted in WCW. You know that moment, Vince McMahon had to sit in his office and worry about his future. WCW was going in a more realistic direction, where it felt like reality based over cartoon and territorial based. WWE at that time was still in their kid friendly product. They had bits and pieces of some edgy but basically they hid those for that time. Kevin sort of brushes off ECW on this interview, as an afterthought. I feel that is where his mindset was so off base. ECW, I feel was the catalyst for which the other two major promotions would take notes off of. The last hour of this interview, we get the booking for WWE in 1996. Do I even have to tell you, where his booking is favoring towards? I feel if Kevin had the full control over booking in WCW, the company would have folded years earlier than it did. That is no knock on him as a performer. That is a knock on him as a wrestling mind. It is like working at a company.

The company decides to promote you, because it had a space to fill and no one dumb enough to want it. You decide in this moment, that your friends who may not be the best candidates, should all get promoted and raises. Then, the ones who deserve those spots and that extra money, well they will flounder. I am sure Kevin would have put the world belt on himself and Scott on a weekly basis. Scott Hall in his time, was a great wrestler. Was he a world champion? I would say, maybe. See that is my problem, if you do not know off the bat if someone is a world champion, chances are they are not one. Kevin’s booking scheme, would be Shawn on top…Razor on top…Isaac Yankem on top….X Pac on top…Hunter on top…Kevin Nash wanting to end this streak and be in this main event. You get the gist of where this is going. That is all I would need, to go see Wrestlemania 14 and see X Pac end the Taker streak…then the next year main event against Scott Hall. I am not saying, any of these were his ideas, I do not want to spoil those.but I am saying, this is the gist of where his mind goes. In terms of buying or renting this dvd…..The shoot interview aspect was good, but we have heard and see it all before. The guest booker portion was asinine. Was nothing more than a bullshit politician showcasing why WCW went down the shittter and Vince would never trust Kevin in a booking meeting. After all, this was the man who beat the streak one day and then got a finger poke of doom the next. On top of that, he wonders why no one ever respected him. Kevin, if HHH did not run the Hall of Fame for WWE, you would never have been put in. So, you were given that opportunity, not earning it. Sean Oliver was right on one count, He tells Nash, “ I can tell you right now, how the reviews for this show can go down”. Sean sat there and knew Kevin was full of shit. Knowing he did this and the release date, and then WWE puts out the Legends show the same week with Razor and Nash. Watch this and then watch that, see how this man can change any story to his liking without batting an eye.

This should be the last Shoot with Kevin Nash..he has shot so much, he is now running on blanks.