Movie Review-Vampyres


Review-Kudos to director Victor Matellano for attempting to do a remake on his limited budget. “ Vampyres” if you do not know, is a modern day Spanish remake of a 1974 cult film. This film was both smart and creative. It used its background and scenery as the perfect settings for this film. You had the basements that were dark and eerie, you had the lakes and the wooded road that created tense little eye candy as to how they will be used and incorporated into the story. Where the original made exploitation fans very happy. I feel this film will also make them just as happy. While the film is very short, it does not really waste any time and basically gives you stunning camera images and gore effects. You can tell the director and stars were very respectful of the original, so they worked very hard in front of camera and behind the scenes, not to make this film feel inferior. The story revolves around Harriet who is with her friends and they are camping in the woods. They decide maybe to get back to nature would be the remedy for relaxation. Two of their friends did not make it. As suspicious as that could be. They also see two women in this local house close by who are bringing home mysterious guys nightly it seems.

Let’s be completely honest, the female vampire genre has not been touched in a long time. ( I will not include that awful remake of Fright Night II from a few years ago) I loved the films that really gave the female this strength and yet feels vulnerable as we start to see them play out. This film I feel was very smart to think of ways outside of a budget to work upon. Where most films will come up with excuses as to why they could not work. This film, makes things work that should not work. The sensuality aspect of this film is clever and yet very much a nod to the original. I loved the fact that this film felt very unapologetic but yet very bold in the statement it wanted to make. The film, I feel the biggest negative, is quite simply revolves around the length of the film. This film at times felt like it was being rushed. I wish this film would have a little more trust in the actors, and let the pacing work more effectively. The script in the film is fair. It was not the best, but it could have been so much worst. The actors did their parts fairly well. They did not oversell but at times they did lack some conviction in their performances. With all the nitpicking I did, I will say that this film kept me entertained and boring is not a word I could muster while I watched this film. This film kept me intoxicated with the promise of recreating my love of old school vampire films.

8 out of 10