Guest Music Review-triple dipped orange – jack o’lantern EP -as reviewed by Adam Casto of Nerd Table


If this review sounds good to you, they have their EP on Bandcamp for the low cost of free to check out…

This fresh release by Columbus, Ohio’s own triple dipped orange is quite an amazing piece of work. The jack o’lantern EP starts off with “Nyarlathotep”. This song is creepy and has many different styles rolled into one. The accent noises are really well thought out even if in a sort of chaotic sort of way. A guest spot from Jesse Clyde really puts it over the top. “who goes there” sounds like it could have been in a horror movie..I mean a good horror movie that has you on the edge of your seat NOT a cheesy one with fake spurting for extended time for comedic effect. If there were ever a video for this song I am sure it would be terrifying. The EP wraps up with the slow building “the martians are coming”. The gentle lead in takes you into an alien invasion as you may imagine it. By then end I was looking to the sky to see if the UFOs were ready to take me away. Some may call this style of music ambient or electronic…but that would only be half right. There are many layers of this orange. It has tones of industrial and I would even go to say it has lots of classical influences. NOT YOUR EVERYDAY pre-programmed filler. Keep an ear out for more and more from this talented artist.