Wrestling Review-Breaking Kayfabe with Scott Levy


Review-Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries dons his Barbara Walters gimmick again for another edition of “ Breaking Kayfabe”. This is where we pull the curtain back on a talent and learn about their personal life, demons and everything else they will dish. This month is the man who can out talk an auctioneer with tourettes, Scott Levy aka Raven. Raven is never one to shy away from controversy, but Raven is also someone I feel works people more than shoots honestly. This 95 minute walk thru his life, plays in three chapters. The first chapter Sean comes across like Barbara Walters wanting to make Raven cry and talk about his father. We learn a lot about both Levy’s father, his upbringing and also some light on his sister as well. Raven seems very non chalant with the way he describes this time in his life. Scott also opens up about the women he slept with. Well, I should rephrase this. Scott is forced to talk a little about women he slept with. He also talks briefly and very oddly about Becky Bayless and that incident. Raven basically comes across as someone who is very guarded, and fights to let anyone really inside. He talks briefly about his marriage. Then, the third chapter we focus on his lawsuit on WWE, and the illusion that ex-workers have of going back to work there for Vince McMahon again.

Let’s be honest, that is a good topic to bring up. All these shoot interviews we watch, and who really shoots? The ones who are older and know they are not coming back, no matter how much cock they put in their throat or ass on their lips. Which brings me to the point of Scott Levy and being in the Hall of Fame. It was brought up on this interview, and I feel the Raven character was so ahead of its time. Close your eyes and see if you can tell me who else does this. Wears non traditional wrestling trunks. Wears t shirts during his match. Comes to the ring in this violent calm. Where he is calm, but you know he has provoked violence in his opponent to destroy him. To grab a microphone and commentates his own matches. To have someone’s kid claim that he wants Raven to be his father instead. Raven deserves so much credit for the sport and a place in the hall. This interview was interesting and probed just as much as Scott wanted it to. If you are a fan of the Raven character, you may like this and find out a ton of new stuff about the man himself. If you are not a fan, know this, the dude has banged some of the hottest names in this sport. That alone, deserves his penis at least to be in the Hall of Fame. i wonder if Tammy farted on his cock during sex, that could be in the sequel. Spoiler alter on that one, he banged Sunny till she was cloudy and wet.

8 out of 10