Movie Review-Creature Feature


Review-” Creature Feature” is one of those films that you if understand its limitations, you may be more open to what this film offers. Director Chase Smith if anything else is at least brave and knows what he is trying to achieve. This film cannot be knocked for a lack of passion. This film revolves around a group of people who gather and tell stories. The stories range from history to murder, satanism and mysteries. The stories themselves play very nicely. This is a indie film, you know they did not have a Warner Brothers budget, so what they pulled off with their budget and time has to be commended. The script I have to say, was fairly impressive. You can tell the people involved in this film were excited and wanted their passion to go to the viewer. Chase was able to get some great camera work in this film. The film is fast paced and does not waste much time.

This film at times does show it’s indie feet, and I feel that is why this film does move at the pace it does. “ Creature Feature”, I have to say, I have seen so many small films and learned to accept things they way they are. I mean horror fans have these expectations and I feel watch movies only to bitch about it. They do not watch it to try and be entertained or give it a fair shot. If you watch this film, and you have your cell phone out and the sun is beating down on your tv screen with people talking to you, this film will not have the desired effect. I watched this film in a dark room on my PS4 with my headphones on the controller. I had fun with this film, and I feel that fans who love horror that has a little edge to it, will enjoy this film for the most part. The biggest negative to me, is that this film did not play at a late night movie theater with me and my friends in it. This film is a party horror film in its heart. With the summer, horror fans have had at the box office, this film should be a major deal for fans. After all, we only had what 3 horror films at the theater in the summer. Support the indies, this film deserves some love.

8 out of 10