Movie Review-Clown


Review-” Clown” focuses on a real estate agent named Kent. Kent gets a call on his son’s birthday from his wife Meg, that the clown they hired cannot make it. Kent is in a pickle with his son expecting a clown for his brithday. So, as fate would have it in horror films, Kent is in a house that has a clown suit in a chest. Not putting much thought into his decision, Kent decides to don the clown suit and save his son’s party. Once the birthday is over, the problems for Kent will begin. At first, Kent resembles an ordinary bittersweet playful clown, but when he tries to get the makeup and outfit off, is when the clown suit starts to possess him. Kent starts to try and look for answers as to what is happening to him. He runs into a recluse insane man named Mr. Karlson whose brother owned the trunk that had the clown suit in it. Kent learns that the suit is skin of a creature who loves to eat children, and the longer he is in it, the more he transforms himself into this.

A film like “ Clown” has little to no logic to it. The more you try to think about the scenario the more absurd it becomes. My puzzling ordeal is that, how did they pull off such an entertaining film out of it. This film has enough gross out moments and gore to keep the horrorhound in most of you very satisfied. This film should have had a theatrical release, it is such a dead time for horror at the box office. This film would have made some money, and won some fans over. The Eli Roth Presents tag I feel hurts more than helps, he has become our Wes Craven in terms of hocking direct to video films. Whoever felt that Eli Roth was a selling point, should really look closer at the box office grosses his films have had. The tone of this film at times seems like they are trying to serve two masters. At one moment, they have the horror feel and then they try to mix some comedic elements to have a humor. I feel this film would have been just as good if not better if it would have cut out most of the humor. I think this is the first time I heard of a horror film that involves someone putting on a clown suit and becoming a child eating killer. I have to give this film major props for not resorting to cliche moments or dialogue. This film had the brains to try and venture outside the normal and stay there. I really liked this film and would recommend this to the horror fan who is bored and waiting for something to come out. Well, end your boredom and give this a watch.

8 out of 10