Movie Review-Blood is Blood


Review-In its center, “ Blood is Blood” is a horror film, it has all the elements of a horror film on display. This film tells the story about what happens when you bring an outsider into your family. The outsider in this film being Sara. Sara on the surface seems nice enough. Brie though feels Crew (her brother) is too good for her. She sees Sara as trouble for her brother. This all changes when a masked man tries to kill her, and the tables get turned. That is what this film would want us to believe. Sent to Cottonwood Sanitarium, the masked killer still haunts her. What was first to be believed as visions, seem to be reality or is it? Talk about a film that takes chances. This film opens on taking a huge gamble. The gamble pays off, as you watch this film. The film opens by giving us the definition of what an “ Origami” is and what a “ Fox” is. Which, both of these terms come into play as the film rolls on. This film is a giant mind fuck. Every Time, you feel you understand what is going on and are starting to figure out where it could be heading.

They throw something in that throws you completely off. Like I said early on in this review, in the center of it, this is a horror film. What is all around that center is confusion and darkness. A first time director being this ballsy to give us something like this. As a film fan, I am just at a loss for words. If David Lynch, made a horror film in 2016, I feel this is what we would get. While some people would want more character depth or more of a backstory to the family. I found with the less I knew, the greater the mystery was when things started to come to the front. The acting is what was key to this film. The performances from all involved, really kept you in the dark and guessing so much. If I had a gripe, the ending did feel a bit rushed. With that gripe, I am not sure, how this film could have ended any other way. If they stretched it out a few minutes, I feel it would have hurt the pacing the film achieved. My little gripe aside, this film delivers on so many levels. This film makes the horror genre look very good. Creepy and puzzling, this is 2016’s biggest surprise. Nothing can quite prepare you for this family. Stuart Sauvarin, keep an eye out for that name. He is going to be a major deal in film.

9 out of 10