Movie Review-Adam K


Review-” Adam K’ is the latest film from Joston Theney (Axeman). The film centers around a man named Adam Kraul. As the film opens we watch as Adam witnesses a series of events that no child could come out of with the right state of mind. After this flashback sequence, we see Adam trying to live an ordinary life. He has the ordinary job, lives in the ordinary place and has a crush on his neighbor Amanda. That is where all our problems can stem from, because once you get to learn more about Adam, there is nothing ordinary about his behavior or his mind. Adam seems to attach himself to people very quickly, and when the feeling is not returned, it get very violent. There are some scenes in this film that clearly show the director was not afraid to push the boundaries. The story of Adam is only one element of this film. We also get a story about a Detective named Kelsey who is under investigation for her past. Kelsey like Adam blurs the line of what is acceptable and what is mental. We are never sure what kind of detective she is. We are really never quite sure what kind of coworkers she has either. Kelsey seems to be on this case to stop Adam, but yet she is as fragile and emotionally fucked as he is. The line being blurred is that, can we justify this behavior when someone has a job to do? When this film clicks, it works. This film has a story that seems to throw many twists and turns at the viewer.

To describe any part of this film in detail, would take away the fun of what this film offers. The opening sequence with a young Adam K to me was a weak point, till the two payoffs. Farrah Abraham’s appearance is in the opening minutes and I was really hoping for a little more. Sarah Nicklin as Amanda the neighbor, showcased yet again why Sarah is such a hot indie actress to get in your film. She has the innocent girl act down pat and sells it convincingly Kristin Wall as Kelsey was another positive. In indie films, when you get the lead detective role, it is almost seen as a kiss of death. No one seems to be soar with it. Kristin breaks the ceiling this time. She really showcases a good balance between up-front and mystery as you can get with a character. You think you know what she is thinking, but she always seems to go the other direction in the next scene. Case in point, is the situation with her partner. Mindy Robinson, much like Farrah Abraham, I feel should have meant more. I will say the parts we get with her are fair, but after her last few films, I really expected more. The Adam character, I hope this is an act. The lengths he goes to convince us this role is real. I have seen so many indie films where it feels an actor holds back, there was no holding back. I feel at times, he may have went too far. This film had some utterly creepy moments. Adam seems to go all over the place, from shy person next door to his dream girl to a stalker. The scene with Michael was cringe worthy and just creepy. The payoff of the scene, shows you that there are some messed up people in this world.

The pacing of this film is all over the place. When the film settles down, it has a very good story to share. The problem with some of this film, it throws so much at you as a viewer. I get that Joston is young, hungry and ambitious. That is one thing you can take away from “ Axeman” and when you see “ Adam K”, this man is passionate. His heart is all over his art. This film is daring and ambitious. Some people may view some of the scenes as “ too realistic”, but that added to the charm of this film. This film is far from perfect, and it has moments that the acting does seem to lack the desired impact. It also has people walking in and out, with no rhyme or reason. The Amanda scenario demonstrated great patience. We built that up almost all film. I felt that the other scenarios that Adam faces seemed to have felt a bit rushed. The payoffs make no question are sadistic, vile and will get your attention.

“ Adam K” is a dementedly fucked up slice of humanity seen thru the eyes of an emotionally fucked up human being. This film will give you something to talk about.

7.5 out of 10