Music Review-The Gashers-In Trust We Bleed


Review-The beauty of a label like Squidhat Records, when they release one album and you are like, “ my god that is a great punk band and sound”. Here comes the next, and the next. The Gashers releasing this album on the 4th of July week, is like going to a funeral of someone you despised and taking a shit in the coffin and flipping off the family and loved ones after. This record hearkens back to the era of when punk had a message and was a call to arms. When punk was all about us against corporation, us against the system and most of all not selling out to fit in. This album is aimed to get people to stop feeling so comfortable about things that go down and have more of a voice and take a stand. This is a record that is as tame as a riot. This record is unapologetic, loud, angry and very violent in its core. You have the shouting sing-along’s that this band is getting famous for on the Las Vegas scene. Like the debut album each member gets a turn on the microphone. The lyrics seem inspired by the news that some know too much about and others ignore. You can tell the lyrics to each song the band put a ton of thought into them, and deliver them at times very furious and intense. As much as I loved the debut album, this one is something very special. It shows me that this band is something special. In an age of bubblegum rock and punk bands who seem more at ease to sell products from the Hot Topic, it feels so welcome that a band understands the true heartbeat of the underground belly of punk. This is not the punk you want to play finger fucking your baby sister in your parent’s SUV with a Damned bumper sticker and wearing a NOFX t shirt.

This is an album that punk purists will love. The punk people who like me can remember when punk was forbidden and you had to really get deep into tape trading to find out about bands. ( God am I fucking old..people will assume tape trading was when we had caves and rode on rock wheels, and giving a girl fire was foreplay) This is a band that I feel cannot do wrong, the debut album was in my top 10 for that year, and this one looks to be in the top 10 as well. This is what we need in this day and time, we need someone to tell us we can stop following and that human is not being robotic and uncaring. Las Vegas is wide open and out of the underground is the sound of where punk should be today. Great band, amazing record label and an album that just jumps right out of speakers and challenges people to think for themselves. An album for coming together in an era when everything else is knee deep in corruption and selfish.

9 out of 10