Music Review-Sludgehammer-The Fallen Sun


1. Demons From The Woodwork (4:02)
2. Intestines Entwined (5:02)
3. The Black Abyss (6:29)
4. Ectogenesis (4:34)
5. Carrion Eater (5:56)
6. Consuming Afterbirth (4:34)
7. Carnivorous Forest (5:08)
8. Utopian (5:45)
9. Revolting (4:46)
10. Organ Harvester (4:51)
11. Casualties (4:34)

Review-Sludgehammer is one of those bands who are going to win you over, no matter how you go into listening to this record. Sludgehammer is a “ I don’t give a fuck” type of band and it shows song by song. This album just feels so epic, from the riffs to the impressive vocals. This album could be dedicated to the people who feel their heroes of the past have abandoned them in hopes of gaining radio exposure. This is just unrelenting throttle to the ground hard as heavy fucking metal. You can tell just from the backdrop to the vocals that the band thought this album out. It sounds like a bunch of friends getting together and just laying their passion at the speakers and wanting to give metal some new blood to keep the life going. This record has zero filler, it is just all unrelenting musicians who really have a lot to offer music. The way the guitar sound interacts with the drums and bass is just something to really behold. The vocals are just intense, it sounds like being hammered from the death of above. This band I feel in time is really going to be the face of metal. I know people love to say this band is the next this or that, I will be honest, this band is not the next nothing. They are the first…new bands after them will be called the next coming of them. What an impressive and brutal album that I feel will awaken this so called dying gnere of music. 2016 is going to do down as one of the best years in music in ages, and this band will have played a major part in it.

9 out of 10