Movie Review-She Who Must Burn


Review-” She Who Must Burn” is a film that is too big to be called an “indie”. This film should have had a big screen release in the summer line up. As far as film in general, this film could be one of 2016’s best films. The film literally opens up with a bang, as we see a guy go into a doctor’s office and just out of the blue blows away the doctor. What could possibly lead someone to do such a heinous act? The film centers around an abortion clinic nurse named Angela. This town she is in now is in desperate need of abortions as due to the environment around them. It seems that there are dangers that involve both the babies and the mothers. Enter those pesky Christian folk who is headed by brainwashed nut case Jeremiah. Picketing and harassing Angela is the daily duty for them. Angela’s husband Mac is the town’s deputy and his job is never easy as he has to protect both his wife and the clinic. It seems that everyone in this town has an agenda, and the need for this abortion clinic is just a problem it seems like. As people blame this place for the protests and that the church needs to be happy. Things change when Jeremiah’s wife is raped and beaten to a pulp by him. Angela sees it in herself to get her out of there.

This makes Jeremiah to declare that they must burn Angela for she is a witch. This film is something unique and original, in an age where horror and tense dramas seem to borrow from this or that, this film is something of a discovery. The script is pure genius, it is tense but yet never lets you breath. The horror elements in this film are graphic, very graphic, did I mention that this film has some very graphic scenes that will turn some stomachs and make some gore hounds very happy. The acting in this film is spot on, it does not go over the top but yet keeps your attention and your pulse going. Intelligent story telling, very ballsy and daring to throw us something current and create a horror out of what we read in our headlines. 2016 is quite possibly one of the best years for indie cinema, and for this film to be called indie is the biggest crime there is. “ She Who Must Burn” delivers something that horror fans will rejoice over. Larry Kent has delivered one of the best films that you need to seek out in 2016.

9 out of 10