Best Mellow Metal Songs


Not all metal has to be 100 miles per hour and in your face. Some of my favorite mellow tracks come from metal bands. Sometimes you just need to sit in a darkened room and listen to some mellow tracks to sit and chill for a while and this list of mellow metal songs does just that. Create yourself a playlist with these songs and have a nice, relaxing afternoon.

As I put together this list, I realized that I am missing tracks from bands such as Agalloch, Ulver, The Gathering, Burzum and others, which have some great mellow metal songs.

Iron Maiden – Prodigal Son

Not exactly a slow song, but definitely mellow and has some really nice guitar work going on. While I love Bruce Dickinson on vocals for Iron Maiden, I am not sure how well this song would have sounded with him on vocals.


Black Label Society – In This River

You have to listen to the Unblackened version to really get the full power of this track, but either way, this is one of the best mellow songs that band leader Zakk Wylde has ever written, and he has written a lot of really good ones. Add to this that the song was written as an ode to the late Dimebag Darrell and that makes this song even more powerful. As you would expect from Mr. Wylde, the guitar work is extraordinary.


Opeth – In My Time of Need

Opeth has so many great mellow metal songs, but this is one of the best. The vocal rhythms are amazing and the guitar work is exquisite. The entire Damnation album is a mellow masterpiece, but this is the highlight of the album.


Opeth – To Bid You Farewall

I have trouble hearing “To Bid You Farewell” without wanting to sit in a dark corner and submerging myself in the guitars on this track. Opeth seems to get no love for this song, but it is one of the best that they have ever written.


Jacob’s Dream – Sarah Williams

Wow. Holy vocal performances Batman. “Sarah Williams” brings us some of the best vocals lines ever recorded by power metal band Jacob’s Dream. Their debut album was intense, but “Sarah Williams” was off their sophomore album, which was admirable as well. After a vocalist change, the band would never be the same though.


Down – Jail

I still remember hearing the debut Down album, Nola for the first time and being blown away. The band is intense and mixes some nice styles to make a great sound that resonates with me especially. Not all of their songs are as good as I would like, but they have some exceptional songs and “Jail” is an absolutely mellow metal song that reminds me of the “Planet Caravan” cover.


Sentenced – Mourn

“Mourn” is the closing instrumental track to Sentenced’s Frozen. It is about as beautiful of guitar work I have heard on an instrumental that I have ever heard. It also ends up being the closing to an amazing album and the perfect way to close it out.


Pantera – Suicide Note Pt. I

“Suicide Note Pt. I” is such a great mellow song and leads into one of Pantera’s most aggressive songs in “Suicide Note Pt. II.” Pantera is not exactly known for their mellow songs, but they have ““Suicide Note Pt. I” and “Planet Caravan,” so they obviously knew how to write them.


Judas Priest – Run of the Mill

Judas Priest is well known for their early songs, but not so much for their debut album, Rocka Rolla, which contained some great songs. “Run of the Mill” is the epitome of what a mellow song should be when vocals are added to the mix.

In culmination, I could really continue to add to this list forever, but I am trying to keep it brief. Let’s hear how could can add to this list.