Wrestling Review-YouShoot with Swoggle


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Review-Welcome to the wonderful world of Kayfabe Commentaries and this month they give us the gift of Swoggle. (Swoggle as some may know was a wrestler in WWE named Hornswoggle.) YouShoot is the series which the fans get to send in questions to be answered by the guest. Let’s be honest up front, some of the yoshoot’s in the past have not been so “shoot” like. And given Alberto Del Rio making WWE cash again, I think we may know the answer as to why. If you are not doing to dish dirt, why not just make it fun nonetheless. Swoggle does not really dish much, but this shoot is a laugh a minute. Swoggle seems to be having fun and Sean Oliver seems to be making little jabs in every moment he can about how he feels that guests are holding back. The questions this time around make this so worth buying, just for how fucking insane some of the stuff actually is that he is answering. Even Swoggle himself at times is laughing so much that it adds to the fun level of this shoot. I mean let’s be realistic, no young active wrestler who ever wants to make a dime again in this business will get on here and just admit in front of camera what really goes on in WWE.

They will give you a well thought out half answer that if viewed by a member of the company can keep them in good graces. Matt Sydal, Shane Helms and Monster BC let’s just be honest, outright lied to save their asses. They know someone in WWE would watch these shoot videos and that “ if this company folds”, they can put a resume and tape in the hands and may get back on the roster. Swoggle seems to fall under the same category, he shoots on anything that can be deemed as small potatoes. He sure as hell will not comment if the Bella Twins are shitting on people and who on the roster actively is using drugs. That to me, takes away the fun of the shoot to a point. A shoot means you are ready to shoot, no matter what, not just give PC answers to corporate questions that do factor in your future. This shoot from start to finish was funny, and Swoggle sold the hilarity of it. But, this is a shoot interview not comedy night. Did he shoot? In moments, yes. He shot safely, I guess the term would be. Was he a fun guest? I would say, this along with the ICP shoot are my two favorites from the last year or so. The issue is that ICP did not hold back, and did not care how they came across. They realized they have a stage and platform to say anything and wanted to. Swoggle I feel realizes that his interviews are going to be under a microscope and that the company will more than likely listen and that if he goes to Lucha or TNA and has a Drew Galloway type of resurgence that these interviews and podcasts he does will be brought into the discussion if we should hire him again.

If you want to have a good laugh, this interview is from start to finish one of the funniest dvds I have watched in recent memory. (Plus to be called out by Swoggle for being a mark can be seen as a highlight to my career) I am missing the “shoot” aspect of interviews. Why is it that the old timers like a Cornette or Honky are the main ones who are not afraid of what consequences happen when they speak honestly? Why do all the interviews today that call themselves a shoot are either WWE produced nonsense or a wrestler shying away from controversy? You know Swoggle had to witness things backstage, you know Helms knows what girls are sluts, and you know Matt Sydal has to be doing more than watching wrestling videos in his bedroom. Why the fuck are you getting paid to do shoot interviews when you are entertaining but you are fucking pussing out on shooting? The dick bag stuff was so tame. “ Well he is a dick, but he would tell you that”. “ Oh, he is an upfront dick, he would tell you that”. Or the ho bag, “ Well she is a ho, next”. Well, Dylan why in the fuck are you calling her a ho? What knowledge do you know? Are you jealous of her success or do you know who she has fucked? You opened it up, now tell us why. It is only a shoot interview this is not fucking Drive Along where we can fart on television or briefly talk about working in CZW but every word about Vince is so sweet and kind. Fucking sure it is. The man, I bet backstage is a pain in the fucking cock to pitch an idea to. I bet Randy Orton backstage has a reputation that everyone knows. Even, Del Rio who has the reputation of a shooter was scared of speaking up on a interview. Why even do one? Why tell the fans to spend money. Hey, you should buy the new Swoggle shoot, he is funny it is funny. But, he does not shoot much. Sean even nudges him to shoot and Swoggle does not budge. If you want comedy, this has it for all 100 minutes. It is wall to wall funny. But, if you want dirt and facts and stories you did not know, this has nothing. I laughed and the fans did our part…Swoggle just failed to do his fully.

8 out of 10