Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WCW 1986: As Told by The Rock and Roll Express


Review-The Rock and Roll Express are one of those teams that come along once in a blue moon, that just seems like a promoters wet dream. I can remember when they were in the Mid-South territory and they had the ELO song Rock and Roll is King video package. They were the underdog babyface team that women could fall in love with, and men could drink a beer and hang out with. 1986 in the Jim Crockett Promotion, they had to be seeing cash registers humming to each match the guys had. In 2016, where it seems that teams these days have lost the golden art of being relatable to the fans, we flashback to the golden years with Ricky and Robert. Of all the timelines I have watched, this one could go down as one of the most fun. Ricky and Robert are having a blast, and I believe that at times they wanted to shoot fight with Oliver. The questions while very enthusiastic at times and at others very ludacris, were just pure gems..it seemed that Ricky Morton always went onto so many different topics in the course of one question, that the questions really could have been anything. Ricky and Robert both shoot on Dusty and how the pay was at that time. They also shoot on other teams and how they felt they were being treated. You can tell that Robert is the straight guy to Ricky’s insanity. The reaction to some of the things discussed along with the way Ricky had not one care in the world what he could say, really made this such a fun two plus hour trip. Sean Oliver at the end I feel tried to put a humorous spin on it, but this shoot found humor in just human nature and the responses. It did not need forced comedy bits. As a whole, if you are a fan of the team, they give you a very fun ride thru the history of that age. The beauty is they really do not leave out much. They address the WWF rumors, they address the office wanting them to split up and also how did Ronnie Garvin just out of the blue win the world title. All in all, this is so worth the money and such a blast. I would recommend people who love the “ shoot” style of interviews, to seek this out.

9 out of 10