Music Review-Magenta-Songs for the Dead


Review-Magenta are a duo consisting of Vilde Lockert on Vocals and Anders Odden on everything else. Listening to this record you would assume that these two were destined to meet and put out music. This band has been around since the mid 90’s and seems to really make music that feels honest, heartfelt and most of all very darkly emotional. I think the easy answer would be to label this some sort of gothic rock, but the music is so much more than just one stupid fucking label. The music is pure, it also rears the head of both pain and beauty in each verse she sings or each instrument that compliments the track. This cd could be best described as “ the soundtrack to your existence”. The music goes into every direction and does not really overstay its welcome in any direction. The vocals come across as haunting yet beautifully poetic in a way. Kudos for a band that is so knees deep in experimentation that they want to clearly give listeners a different journey each track. This album could be described as a pissed off Garbage. You can tell the band wanted to showcase a more commercial feel at times, and for them it really works. The cd has the heavier sound that really give Vilde a chance to showcase what she can deliver in a heavy feel, then we go electronic, trip hop and commercial in the next tracks and it still works beautifully. In a world that is over populated with female led bands, this one deserves your attention. If you are sick of waiting for the next Scarling record, or pissed off that Siouxsie and the Banshees are not recording, this could be the album you been waiting for. I love when music is challenging but yet rewarding, this album could the call that music needed to rise up from the depths it has been sunken into. Great band and very amazing record.

9 out of 10