Music Review-Crayven-All the Sordid Details


Lisa Oster (Vocals, Violin),
Gernot Knippen (Guitar, Synthesizer),
Cherry Ann Reclusado (Bass),
Christoph Brandes (Drums)

Review-Crayven are one of those bands that come out of nowhere that just gets it. One thing is for sure, whether you like this band or not, you will not be able to deny that this band is catchy and will have you humming their choruses long after you hit stop. The track Future Ex is the best example of what this band does best. They have that catchy opening music punch, then Lisa Oster showcases her talent in singing this melodic and catchy style that feels very open to being on rock radio. Then, the band compliments her catchy chorus and they find this style that just feels like a marriage of two entities that work. The rest of this album teeters from alternative rock to alternative metal. They also throw in a violin to throw you completely off guard. Winter World is the example of that. It paints itself almost like a soundtrack. The beauty to this band is that their sound does not overstay its welcome, each track seems to play into a different strength this band has to offer. This band has so much to offer, lyrically the songs are strong. Vocally, the woman can sing and keep you interested in the track. The band as a whole, seem to want to explore music and showcase that they are not just going to be a one genre band. They are going to make fans and critics struggle to think of how to describe the sound, but yet have to admit to how catchy it is. If you are sick of the same old crap on the radio that passes for music, I feel this band has a ton of potential and a lot to offer the listener. I really hope this band keeps exploring themselves and their sound and not trying to get thrown into one group or another. This band has a ton of promise and the sky’s the limit for where it will bring them. Look out for this band Crayven, they are not here to win you over, they are here to take you over.

9 out of 10