Movie Review-The Dooms Chapel Horror


Review-I have come to the understanding that either Bill Oberst Jr. is the best indie actor on the scene, or this man is running up serious psychiatrist bills. It seems each film I see with Bill, he is going lower and lower into the realm of insanity. The man does not know just how convincing he is when he is playing evil, it has to be an act I tell myself. In the last two years I have seen Bill go on every flavor of fucking nuts there is. Welcome to the newest flavor, Dooms Chapel Horror. This film has a ton of heart and passion on display, for what it lacks on budget, it makes up for with a cleverness in storytelling. The film centers on Kyle, much like Johnny Cash’s life story, Kyle idolizes his brother until he is the blame when his brother is killed in an accident. The film fast forwards a decade later to Kyle returning home to confront the ones who blamed him for this accident. Shot like a documentary, Kyle returns home with his girlfriend and a cameraman to do a found footage like story about this period in his young life.

Bill plays the cult leader named Jordon. A role that more and more directors are calling upon Bill for. The performance Bill gives is the highest recommend to seeing this film. Bill creates a excitable tension that you are very fearful of. Austin Madding who is a newcomer to acting, really shows at times he can hang with Bill and the others, but without them and he is the star of the moment, he really stumbles for the most part. I feel acting off someone is his stronger trait. There is also a monster that is thrown in, to give this film like a Pumpkinhead feel at times. The film has pacing issues and will be a tough sell due to the found footage feel of it, but if people could get thru those issues, they would have fun with this little film. The film has so much energy and fun going for it, that it is really hard to really be too hard on it. I thought the film really had the something special aspect of it going from start to finish. This is one of those films that I feel with the right word of mouth could get us bumps on the horror radar. A bright future for all involved except Bill Oberst Jr, the man after his role in the last 22 films I seen of his in 4 months, he has to be running up high shrink bills, no one can be that great of a method actor unless they are acting on their own life experiences? This could be a cult classic in years to come, I just see people one night seeing this on cable and just telling the world what they discovered. Seek this little indie gem out.

8 out of 10

  • James,

    (a) Thank you for reviewing Dooms Chapel Horror. Really appreciate it!

    (b) I’m not really crazy. Am I? Nawww….it’s just an act. I’m sure of it.

    God bless you brother, and thanks for all you do to support indie horror. I’m a Wicked Channel fan forever,


    Bill Oberst Jr.