Movie Review-Sick:Survive The Night


Sick starts off with a story of a zombie outbreak, that the people who survived struggle day to day to not be bitten and find food and medical supplies for the people who are not infected. The main character of our film is Doctor Leigh Rozetta who we learn in the film she had to leave her dying family behind to find a cure, to stop the infection. Well, she is part of a medical lab in a government facility and all she wants to do is try to stop this infection and go home and save her family. Well, as this is going on we learn of another group that is also out to find supplies and surviving as well. Well, as this world is slowing dying no longer are zombies the threat as much as vultures are, vultures seem to be the lowest form of human who are out to steal anything and kill anyone, just to survive. Their prime mission seems to eliminate survivors and take their stuff. Well, when the group crosses paths with some vultures, not only do the zombies wipe out the vultures but they start to kill the whole group but two survivors McKay and Seph who escape. Now on the surface you think this is just another zombie film, with zombie kills and all the usual stuff but that is when the film shifts gears. When our two survivors see Dr. Leigh on her way to save her parents they decide the three of them should stick together is when the film shifted gears from just another zombie, to a survival film of three people trying to figure a way to trust each other and survive each other, the vultures and the zombie threat.

Sick to me is a good film, the storytelling in this film was solid as was the script. The characters for the most part were believable and kept you at the edge of your seat to see what they would deal with next. The zombie stuff was fun, and not too over the top. But, where most directors would abandon their story and just use zombies, blood and gore to be the story, Ryan was smart and believed in his script and characters enough to let them be the focal point and let the zombies play second to the story. The negative to the film for some will be the slow burn of the film itself, this film tells a patient story and the pace to this film is very slow. Ryan does break up the slowness at times, and throw in some zombies or give us a new situation to think about. This film reminded me of Mimesis, it was a zombie film disguised as an anti-zombie film. When survival, how low the human race will stoop, and just finding others alive and not bitten are your main themes, you feel this film wanted to lure you in with zombies and keep you in with a well told story.

8 out of 10