Movie Review-House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell


House of Horror: Gates of Hell takes a premise we are all familiar with and that being haunted houses and adds a supernatural twist to it as an ancient evil seems to be roaming free at this attraction and has only one goal and that is to open the gates of hell upon all of us on Earth. With horror, there are things such as haunted houses and even clowns that to me in horror if executed properly could really work. Most films try to do more than the simple stuff and think we need an overabundance of shock and gore to sell us on a simple fear. This film took a simple and effective way to get us to jump and get into this film and that is taking the fears of childhood and letting our minds assume each scene that something may or may not happen. This film has some really cool creepy moments that as a horror fan you always appreciate, like the mood of the film and just the attraction being the backdrop to this story of a satanic alter and an evil that is unleashed that is killing everyone.

Some of the kills in this movie were very cool like the opening sequence with an inspector coming to watch over things for a minute and he discovers something is after him, and when this force catches him the results give you a reason to invest the other 84 minutes into this film. The acting in this film is fair to indie ok, the actors and actresses really try and at times they really try too hard. The selling point and why this film will get a recommendation is just the all-out horror of it. This film was effective as a horror film, and gave you some very cool and at times violent kills. I mean, they give you a very creepy clown with a knife chasing a girl in a bathroom, they give you putting lube on a live hand grenade and shoving it up a female’s ass and they really think outside the box on some of the other elaborate death scenes.

When the acting was not the problem with this film though, the pacing was. This film had moments that felt like dead air or they were searching for something to put into the scene. The final twenty minutes felt like this film had to make a mad dash to the finish line and they threw at you so many different scenarios that it felt like they were thinking on the fly and just throwing out ideas that could work. Though, this film on its credit did not throw at you one twist, they threw at you two. Which I felt for a film like this was a brave and smart move. They also reference a film on here a lot of us know very well Snow Shark, that little joke really made me laugh. Another positive about this film was that it had a sense of humor, when they do auditions for new people to work at the house, it had some smirk moments and just silliness that helped give the film a little personality. For me being a born and bred Buffalo, New York native this film was a slice of what I miss about home. This film is a good little watch, and I feel that it may reawaken the fears you had as a child going to your first haunted house.

7.5 out of 10